The Inspired Unemployed’s Latest Vid Roasts Melbourne Harder Than A Bag Of Fancy Coffee Beans

Inspired Unemployed

The Inspired Unemployed have just released a new video where the boys riff on Melbourne’s Coffee Scene™ dressed up as two extremely convincing Melburnians.

Matt Ford & Jack Steele are the creators behind the wildly popular comedy group, and their TikTok account just recently clocked over one million followers.

This latest clip sees the boys exploring one of Melbourne’s most infamous cultural pastimes that everyone from tradies to students to teachers partake in – its coffee scene.


It just hits different down here ☕️

♬ original sound – T.I.U

The sketch opens with Jack delivering a suitably wanky line that could’ve easily been spoken by any Melbourne coffee snob:

“The CS down here in Melbourne, it just hits different.”

An off-camera voice asks what the fuck the “CS” is, to which he replies: “the coffee scene”.

To which Steele replies “the coffee scene”.

The next few seconds are a compilation of horrifically trendy visuals that wouldn’t look out of place outside any Brunswick op-shop or Fitzroy café.

Some favourites include:

  • Jack walking alongside a tram tracks yelling about how fucked instant coffee is.
  • Jack and Mat taking way too many pics of their cappuccinos.
  • Matt leaning against a wall as though he’s passed out amidst a sea of empty coffee cups only to look up and say, “I’ve just been diagnoses with OCD – Obsessive Coffee Disorder”.

The Inspired Unemployed lads might normally live on the NSW coast, but you wouldn’t know it judging purely on how effortlessly they pull off a vintage Melbourne aesthetic.

In this vid they manage to rock everything from clear-lensed classes (which absolutely 100% increase the symmetry of your face) to crocs w/ socks, to singular hoop earrings, to tote bags that don’t have anything in them except for (probably) a vape and your keys – that is, if your keys are not already hanging from your belt loops by a carabiner.

Get yourself a long black or three and suss the clip before your shithouse free Melbourne wifi inevitably times out.