For those of us stuck inside working from home for the next however long, don’t fret about missing out on that precious morning tea coffee and chat, because Lune Croissanterie has started a very rare home delivery service today.

Although the Lune stores in the Melbourne CBD and Fitzroy are still open for takeaways only, you can now give them a buzz and order a box of treaties to be sent directly to your doorstep on the same day.

You’ve just gotta order over $50 worth, so maybe go in on morning tea with your new co-worker housemates or use it as a replacement for shouting a round at the pub. Or stock up for the week ahead.

This means there’s no waiting in the long lines that always manage to snake out of the shop and around the corner. Hell, you don’t even have to put pants on if you don’t want to.

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???? – This is the Lune service you have literally all been waiting for… all it took was a global emergency to make it happen ???? . Starting tomorrow morning, we will be offering a LUNE DELIVERY SERVICE. . We understand that many people are working from home or self isolating, so we’re bringing Lune to you!! . Simply call the hotline (0467 048 540), your trusty Lune operator will talk you through the flavours available, order a minimum of $50 worth, pre pay over the phone, and a short time later, a box of pastries will arrive on your doorstep! Who said there wasn’t a Santa? . For all you caffeine fiends, you will also be able to order bags of retail coffee so you can get your fix at home! . Please also note we are still offering take away service from both stores too! . Suburbs we are delivering to: CBD Fitzroy & Fitzroy North Carlton & Carlton North North Melbourne Princes Hill Clifton Hill East Melbourne Collingwood Abbotsford Richmond – #lunecroissant #hotwheels

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The very rare Lune home delivery service runs from 8am to 3pm daily, and will be dropped off at your home office door same day. All you gotta do is call the shop/treat hotline on 0467 048 540, pick out your order from the crossies available that day, pay over the phone with your card, and wait for your local Lune legend to drop off the box.

If you’re after a coffee as well – Lord knows we need it this week – you can pop in a bag of retail coffee on top as well. The whole kit and kaboodle delivered to you without you having to go anywhere, what a treat.

The only catch is that the Lune delivery service is only available to Melbourne’s inner suburbs (sorry interstaters and those a bit further out) so if you’re in CBD, Fitzroy & Fitzroy North, Carlton & Carlton North, North Melbourne, Princes Hill, Clifton Hill, East Melbourne, Collingwood, Abbotsford or Richmond, you’re set.

Image: Instagram / @lunecroissant