Normally parody videos don’t do it for me. But this lockdown parody skit by The Inspired Unemployed and Aussie musos Thandi Phoenix and Tuka is… really, actually funny?

The video is actually spon for Klarna, one of those buy-now-pay-later apps, except it can also do this cool thing where you keep tabs on shit you want to buy and it’ll tell you if the price drops, which is *kissy fingers* IMO.

So not only do I normally abhor parody vids, I also usually find branded vids pretty cringe, but this one is legit funny. Probably because the talent is primo – The Inspired Unemployed are the hottest TikTok comedy duo in Oz right now, and I’m sure they had a huge hand in the lyrics of this tune, alongside talented hip-hop artist Tuka and gal with golden lungs, Thandi Phoenix.

Some fave moments – the fucking Tiger King g-string (dead, also mood let’s continue the re-emergence of animal print), starting a cooking YouTube channel (why do we all suddenly think we’re extremely interesting even when we’re making slop) and the brief bit where the guys are doing TikTok dances (I am feeling far too seen rn).

IDK guys it’s just a good time and with Melbs back in lockdown, could not be more relevant. Isolation has been a tough experience for many of us, so it’s nice to just have a lol at some of the brain fart chaos we’ve all been guilty of, amidst the very real shitty experiences.