I’m A Celeb Recap: Skydiving, Spaghetti, Slow-Mo Petal Throwing And Bigger Snakes Than BIP

I'm A Celebrity 2021 Australia Cast Episode 1

It’s 2021 baby, and that means a whole new set of shows for us to sink our teeth into. Lucky for us, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! kicked off with a massive season premiere tonight, full of skydiving, awkward introductions and quips from Julia Morris that will stay with me forever.

Singer Jack Vidgen was the first to be introduced into the Aussie ‘jungle’ (it’s really just a glorified bush near Byron Bay). Vidgen was spotted back in November filming for the show alongside Idol legend Paulini, and has returned to our screens with botox for days, and one of the most iconic entrance looks to grace the show thus far.

Speaking of Paulini, she was the second contestant to enter the competition, confirming the rumours of her appearance. Naturally, the show played some Young Divas as she entered, which is just… *chefs kiss*.

2018 contestant from The Block Jess Eva entered in third, confusing the other contestants as to who the hell she was. Regardless, she came in with some incredible energy, which is exactly what you want to see.

Host duo Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown flew in on a helicopter next, whipping wind at the contestants with absolutely no care for their entrance lewks. You love to see it.

The hosts were here to reveal that this time around, there will be three teams of three. The captains? Well, you’re looking at them, but we’ll get to that later.

The next step for the Aussies? Jumping all the way out of a helicopter, of course, as is tradition with I’m A Celeb.

Unfortunately for Jess Eva and her nerves, there were wild weather warnings before she had to jump out of the helicopter, making things sound even scarier. Couldn’t be me chief, I would simply yeet myself out of the competition. Regardless, Eva made the leap and faced her demons.

TV host Grant Denyer, singer Toni Pearen and comedian Mel Buttle were next to enter the competition and were assigned their team jerseys: red, green and blue. No helicopter in sight though, this trio were off to compete in the very first task of the season.

The task in question? Miguel‘s kitchen, lead by none other than current reigning king of the jungle, Miguel. His entrance? Iconic. That slow-mo was quite literally everything. I just want to have the job of that petal thrower.

Contestants had to answer questions correctly or risk having a mystery substance flung onto them, and it was an incredible introduction to the shenanigans that are in store for our Aussie celebs. Denyer being slammed by slime and that whole spaghetti bolognese moment will live on in my memory forever.

Mel Buttle came out on top in the food challenge, with some super-fast answers that came through before some of the questions, proving that she’s defs gonna be one to watch this season.

The first six get together to make a fire, and insanity ensues right before we meet the next three contestants.

First up in the next I’m A Celeb trio was Bachie star Abbie Chatfield, comedian Ash Williams and AFL star Travis Varcoe, who were quickly sent to the ‘Unhappy Hour Bar’ for some… unhappy hours with a bunch of snakes, roaches and spiders.

With bowls on their heads being filled with all kinds of disgusting creatures, the contestants had to unlock locks to the best of their ability, and the winner was Abbie, who came through with miraculous speeds, and miraculous shade.

Finally, the full cast was united, and the dinner situation was revealed to the celebs, with team green (Abbie, Jack and Toni) getting an entire meal hand-delivered to them.

Team Red (Mel, Travis and Jess), on the other hand, were handed out a tiny bag of beans and rice for their meal, which they had to cook themselves.

And that’s all for the premiere! You can tune in tomorrow night on Ten for some more jungle shenanigans, and a new contestant or two as well.