The brand new season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is in full swing and there’s a lot of drama already goin’ down, but we’ve just copped some wild goss about a certain contestant from a previous szn and it’s spicy as hell.

The show’s executive producer Alex Mavroidakis appeared on a podcast where he claimed that he once had to edit out a scene where an unnamed contestant revealed that they’ve been cheating on their wife.

Speaking to TV Reload, Mavroidakis said that the celeb begged him to withhold the footage so as not to air his indiscretions to the entire country (maybe don’t bring it up on national TV then, yeah?).

“There was a series where a celebrity told a story in camp about a girl he had been with. And he talked about specifics, in terms of what he had been doing on that day, what time of year it was,” he said.

“He then came running up to the [diary room] straight after that conversation and said, ‘It’s okay for you to use that scene, but please don’t say the time or the place because I’ve just realised I was still married at the time!'”

The goss lovers over at The Wash did some digging and discovered that Mavroidakis has worked on the show since it launched in 2015, so basically it could be any married male contestant.

There simply isn’t enough time in the day to speculate who that might be, but feel free to rifle through the list of previous contestants at your leisure here.

But anyway, back to the 2021 I’m A Celeb drama: viewers are calling out footy alum Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico for slut-shaming Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield on Wednesday’s episode.

It all went down when Dipper told a bikini-clad Abbie that he wouldn’t let his daughter walk around wearing what she wears (ugh).

“You’re not going out like that,” he said to his I’m A Celeb co-star.

“[It’s like] when a father sees her daughter grow up, and you go out to see your boyfriend or whatever, and goes out with a mini skirt. We’re protective of you girls being hurt. It’s like you’re seeking attention and asking for it.”

Our Gemini queen fired back, asking him if he’d say the same thing to fellow I’m A Celeb contestant, comedian Ash Williams (a man).

The altercation ended with Abbie walking away in tears. In other words: Dipper is an absolute dick.

“That’s been said to me like five times in here, and it’s not that it affects me, not that I’m thinking like, ‘Oh, I should cover up,’ it’s just, like, I don’t want that idea to be pushed. It’s just not okay,” she later said.

“I don’t want young girls or young women to hear that being said and think it’s normal and don’t feel like they can stick up for themselves.”

You tell him, Abs. Cranky old coot, he is.