Your Horos Are Here: Don’t Be Afraid To Cancel Your Plans & Hide Out In Bed This Week, Taurus

Both Sagittarius and Eclipse Season have arrived at the same time. What a hoot! Read on to suss your horoscope for the week ahead…


This week, as the Sun shines into communication planet Mercury, you’ll be totally on your game. In particular, our ability to communicate with others will be at its most powerful, so if there are any convos you’ve been delaying now would be the time! Got a big picture idea you’ve been wanting to pitch to someone? Do it! Go for gold, baby.


This week is gonna be all about doing what my Taurus fam do best: nestling into your cocoon and enjoying treats, watching flicks, and spending intimate time with people you adore. In particular, your soul connection with a certain someone will start to strengthen over the next week thanks to this intense bonding period ahead of you.


Your seventh house of commitments will be lit up over the next week, meaning it’s time to make good on some agreements that you’ve got in the pipeline. Have you been thinking about moving in with someone? Now is the time! Have you been considering starting a side hustle with a mate? Go forth and prosper! There’s power in numbers, my Gemini pal.


Your focus for not just the next week, but for Sagittarius Season in general, will be on living that healthy life. And I’m not just talking about going HAM on your workout routine, I’m talking practicing good mind health with things like yoga, meditation and journalling and making self-care a NEED and not a WANT.


Sagittarius Season has arrived and as a fellow fire sign, you’ll be feeling the energy more than anyone. And what’s that energy, you ask? Well, Sagi Szn is all about partying, and over the next few weeks, that’s all you’re gonna wanna do. As you should, TBH. You deserve a goddamn treat after this hellish year.


Your focus for the next week will be on your home and fam sitch, as your fourth house of emotions is illuminated by planetary energy. If you’ve been contemplating moving house, now is the time to have a lewk. If you’ve been lacking connections with your fam, now is the time to reach out. Anything home and family related, go for it!


Have you got a Sagittarius pal? Well as you’ll know, they love a chat, they love a yarn, and they’re damn good at it! Well, with Sagittarius Szn kicking off, you too will be blessed with the ability to make waves with your voice. What’s more is that you’ll also be the life of the party, especially next week. But hey, we can’t totally put that down to Sagi energy. Librans are natural social butterflies too!


Your second house of werk and dollarydoos is spotlighted next week, so I expect that your career will be your primary focus. You’ll have the opportunity to level-up your career and inch that lil bit closer to your main goals. Keep your eyes peeled for networking opps as well, as this may be your way in!


It’s your season, babeyyy! Your time to shine! Your time to be loud! Your time to be obnoxious! Your time to party your bloody pants off! Cosmic energy is on your side, so channel the Sagi vibes and lay plans in place that’ll help you not only power through the rest of the year, but start 2022 with a bloody bang!


The next week is all about tying up loose ends and finding closure, all thanks to Sagittarius hitting up your 12th house of conclusions. Are you mad at someone and it’s eating away at you? Free yourself through forgiveness. Is there a huge-ass task that you’ve been putting off? Get it done! Find a resolution for anything that’s yet to be resolved!


I know you’re a strong and independent Aquarius who loves to get shit done on your own, but over the next week, the stars implore you to find beauty in the magic of teamwork. Find likeminded folks who can help you achieve your goals that little bit quicker.


The ambitious nature of the Sagittarius will take you over come next week, as Sagittarius Szn hits your 10th house of boss babe. You’ll feel inspired to make waves on your personal journey of success, whatever that may be. You’ll need to put in the hard yards to smash your goals, but again, planetary energy is on your side.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV who also dabbles in woo-woo stuff like astrology and crystals and has been penning horoscopes since the start of his career. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.