Your Horos Are Here: Hey Sagittarius, Try Facing Your Problems Head-On Instead Of Running Away

Have a peek at what you’re in for this week, according to the stars.


The only thing certain this week is uncertainty as aggro Mars fires into your zone. Hope for the best but prepare the worst and be sure to keep your whits about you. At least you’ll be feeling hot as fuck thanks to Leo season.


Grab hold of those purse strings and don’t let go, bb, because Leo season is making you wanna be the boujee queen you were born to be and purchase all of the clothes. Dig into your ‘drobe and I’m sure you’ll find some fire fits to wear!


Leo season has you focusing on your boss babe energy. Your main goal is to kill it in your career and everything else is basically white noise. As long as you’re getting enough rest, I’m pleased that you’re booked and busy.


You’ll be majorly on your Cancerian shit this week and pining after a certain someone. Now might be the time to venture back onto the apps if you’ve given it a rest. If you never stopped, expect some potential matches to appear this week. And if you’re committed, plan a hot date to fill your love tank (RHOC fans will understand).


You are glowing right now, Leo. GLOWING! While your energy is at its highest, you’ll attract all kinds of success so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to level up this week.


It’s time to switch your focus from living your best life to working on your health and wellbeing. This week, bail on plans and have an indoor pamper sesh instead.


The scales are about to tip in your favour, where dollarydoos are concerned. Trust your gut and make moves that you know will benefit your financial wellbeing.


Scorpios easily become jaded by the mundane BS of your day-to-day life and next week, when annoying work situations pop up, you’ll wanna throw in the towel and walk away. Try and stick it out, bb. Shit will get better.


This week you’ll have the urge to get the heck out of dodge and live your best adventurous life. Before you purchase plane tickets, try coming up with solutions to your problems.


Capricorns are all about hard work but this week, you need to be all about rewarding yourself for said hard work, otherwise you’ll burn the fuck out in no time.


Feeling blue? That bloody sucks, mate. Perk yourself up by spending time with people who build you up rather than people who have you questioning yourself.


This week, take stock of all your habits and start finding ways to cull the ones that aren’t serving you anymore. They may be difficult to shake so start small with little changes, then before you know it you’ll be living your best life.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.