Grimes Just Revealed What She Eats In A Day & I Simply Have No Fucking Words

grimes food diary

Grimes has detailed everything she eats in a day and umm… what the actual fuck is happening?

The Canadian musician sat down with Harper’s Bazaar to discuss her eating habits, detailing everything she eats in one day while growing Elon Musk’s baby.

“Usually, I wake up and it’s a struggle,” she explains, which is honestly a huge mood.

“So I actually have these things I keep by the bed called GO Cubes that are caffeinated cubes. And I usually just eat one of those and go back to sleep, and then slowly the caffeine enters my system, and then I wake up.”

After smashing a caffeine cube, which is the most Elon Musk bullshit I’ve ever heard, she wanders into the kitchen to make “butter toast.”

“I melt a stick of butter on a plate, and then I put toast, and then turn the toast over so the toast is completely saturated in butter. Then, I put a little bit of jam on it and eat that. It’s actually incredible,” she said in the Food Diaries video.

I’m not quite sure how the woman who’s about to give birth to Elon Musk’s baby is surprised that butter on toast (or on anything) is delicious. But hey, maybe it’s the pregnancy brain talking, no hate to our queen Grimes.

Like most of us, Grimes is a huge carb lover. She pointed out throughout the interview that she fucking hates fruits and vegetables, and basically anything that’s not a carb. MOOD.

“I actually dislike vegetables pointedly,” she admits. “But they’re important to eat. It’s just vile. Like, broccoli? Like, what the fuck? It’s actually disgusting, I don’t know how anyone eats it.”

Broccoli? Like, what the fuck indeed, Grimes.

She also eats “sludge,” which appears to be couscous, Vegenaise, sriracha and some vegetables. If she’s eating vegetables, they must be covered in sriracha and Vegenaise.

If you’re thinking this is the most fucked up food diary of all time, it’s okay because she also loves salt and vinegar chips as a snack, and is a big ol’ dumpling lover.

I simply have no words for how truly fucked up this food diary is. I am not sure how Grimes is actually alive right now.