Grimes Has Postered Up Billboards Saying “Global Warming Is Good” And I Just, What?

Billboards and huge street art promoting Grimes‘ new album, Miss Anthropocene, have started popping up around New York City recently and in true puzzling Grimes style, they’re confusing pretty much everyone with their message about how global warming is a “good thing.”

The weirdly alarming Grimes billboards might have many folks thinking “what the fuck are you on about this shit is not good at all” but it’s also an extension of what her new album is all about – where Grimes originally planned to personify global warming and climate change as “a psychedelic, space dwelling demon/ beauty-Queen, who relishes the end of the world.” I mean, sure.

I mean at least this one you’re encouraged to deface this one but also ??????

People have been, quite rightfully, confused about it all.

When the first billboard showed up at the start of February, Grimes also posted a poem of sorts to her Instagram, labelling herself as the “poet of destruction” and declaring that global warming is good.

Good for who, Grimes? Good for the Earth? Surely not. Good for you and your creative career? Potentially. Good for your bf Elon Musk who’s got a huge hard-on for bailing on the planet and living in space? I’m just so baffled.

The album that Grimes is promoting on the billboards dropped on February 21, and you can listen to the deluxe version over here.

I’m just so deeply curious about literally everything that Grimes does, to be honest wit you. The next thing she’ll be birthing is her child – presumably with Elon – and whether that kid is going to be like, the second coming of Christ or something like that.