Elon Musk Unfollowed Grimes On Twitter So All Bets Are Bloody Off

Electric cars. Russian assassins. Space travel. Synth-pop. Encrypted apps. And one telling Twitter unfollow. Just another weekend in the rapidly unravelling drama of Tesla chief Elon Musk, musical wizard Grimes, and unpredictable rapper Azealia Banks.

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Over the weekend, the eagle-eyed punters at Gizmodo noticed that Tesla and Space-X boss Musk unfollowed his partner Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, on Twitter (she still follows him, FYI). That small gesture has lead to mass speculation about their relationship – and Musk’s embattled status at Tesla.

The unfollow comes after a string of dramatic tweets from Musk over the past fortnight, including his claim that he was preparing to buy Tesla stock in an attempt to make the company private.

That message sent stock prices surging, but they’ve since plummeted; in addition to spooking investors, Musk actually sparked an investigation by the Federal Exchange Commission, as that kind of big pronouncement is usually subject to a litany of checks and regulations.

His tweet also shook up the company’s board, some of whom claim that Musk’s alleged use of sleep aid Ambien and his massive workload have contributed to his fast-and-loose Twitter style.

Enter Banks. Last week, the rapper claimed she was holed up at Musk’s house while waiting for Grimes to appear so they could record a collaboration for Bank’s upcoming sophomore album. On her Instagram Story, Banks asserted Grimes was unavailable because she was busy caring for a vulnerable Musk, who was liable to tweet some more problematic content if Grimes wasn’t present.

Now Musk has unfollowed Grimes altogether, their relationship status – and the potential future of Musk’s Twitter announcements – is in question. Spokespeople for both parties declined to comment on the relationship to Business Insider, but in a recent interview with the New York Times, Musk said “from a personal pain standpoint, the worst is yet to come.”

Banks also had more to say. In another recent Instagram Story, Banks is purported to have shared screenshots of a chat between her and Grimes, in which the latter said “the russians want elon dead” in addition to, uh, other remarks.


So a tech entrepreneur with a penchant for reckless tweeting is alleged to have been curtailed by his Moog faerie girlfriend, but no longer follows her on the site where he caused the initial damage. And a wildcard rapper is sharing confidential details of the entire operation for no apparent reason, other than the thrill of the drama.

It’s all mad. We’ll keep you posted.