‘Get Krack!n’ Drops Season 2 Trailer And Release Date Which Is Kool As Hell

Hell’s bells! Bloody Get Krack!n is on its way back to TV screens, thank god, and the blessed folk at the ABC just revealed when we’ll be put out of our Kate-less misery.

The long-awaited follow-up season to 2017’s extremely good debut is set to arrive on Wednesday, February 6th, and in celebration Aunty dropped a teaser trailer featuring a swathe of new ridiculousness.

And yes, Helen Bidou is back.

You bet your goddamned ass she’s back.

The truly special and completely insane series takes Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney, ye of The Katering Show fame, and gives them their own Today-style breakfast TV show.

Only it’s at 3am when no one’s watching and everything goes bung very quickly.

We’ve known the second season has been on the way for quite some time, but the ABC’s announcement today means there’s less than a month to go (!!!) until the show gloriously returns. Which is a very bloody good thing indeed.

Now the only real question remains: is Dr Susan Carland coming back and also when is Dr Susan Carland coming back.