The Kates Want To Host An Aussie ‘Nailed It’ & We Need It Right Fkn Now Pls

Anyone who has dragged eyes across Nailed It – Netflix‘s incredible new cooking series that revels in the utter glory of kitchen disasters – knows that it definitely ain’t yr usual cooking show, and that starts right at the top with the show’s host.

While Nicole Byer is absolutely killing it in the lead chair on the OG US edition of the show, you can’t help but wonder who here in Australia would fill the role should the show ever get a local version.

And folks, we’ve officially got our dream wish list.

The series, for those who aren’t familiar with it yet, runs ordinary people with well-below-ordinary baking skills through the ringer by getting them to recreate sugary constructions that are beyond the skill level of most seasoned chefs, let alone classes of Joe Everyperson who struggle to not burn toast on the regular. It’s a delightful celebration of one of life’s truly universal experiences: fucking something up royally.

So who would you ever want to host a show like that out here in Australia, one where the hyper-affected pretences of cooking shows are done away in favour of quick bars, devilish wits, and an ability to take the ever-loving piss out of food?

Cop this.

Yep. Yes please. That’ll bloody do, right there.

Even though there’s not even a remote sniff of a local version on the horizon at the moment, Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, the insanely good funny people of The Katering Show and Get Krack!n fame, are about as good a choice as you’re ever likely to get. If nothing else, it’s a golden opportunity to get the pair back cracking wise about Thermomixes on TV once again.

And before you say this is all speculative and no one should be getting their hopes up, observe the following retort from Netflix Australia:

Yes. Yes please. Yes thank you. We’ll take two. Two of that, right now. Thank you.