It’s official: The Nanny, everyone’s favourite 90s sitcom, is coming to Broadway, baby.

Fran Drescher, AKA creator of the OG series, AKA Ms Fran Fine herself, AKA queen, will be spearheading the adaptation alongside sitcom co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson.

“Nobody is cast yet – we’re plotting – but we feel confident we will find a fabulous actress who is funny, charming and has a great voice,” the duo released in a statement.

Emmy-award winning duo Rachel Bloom and Adam Schlesinger will be penning the music.

“The Nanny was a fundamental part of my childhood,” Bloom said, “because it was the first time I saw an openly Jewish female protagonist on television.”

Although it’s still in its very early days, and we’re yet to hear of any dates being thrown around, I’m preemptively going to keep an eye out for cheap flights to the Big Apple. I’m that ready.

Alexa, play The Nanny‘s intro song. Sidebar: I will forever giggle when the word ‘fanny’ is crooned, because I’m a big, big child. Good day now.

Image: Getty Images / CBS Photo Archive