Cardi B Is Gonna Be In ‘Fast & Furious 9’, Hopefully Doing Mad Skids, Burnouts, Etc

Cardi B in Fast and Furious 9.

The Godfather Part II is often cited as an example of a sequel that is, miraculously, even better than the original, but the Fast and Furious franchise has pulled off something even more magnificent — eight movies that are each better than the one that preceded it. Over time they have honed in on the three key things that people want to see on the big screen: the powerful bond of family, cool car stunts, and huge, muscle-bound men slamming into each other like competing walruses.

[jwplayer rPQVCvRq]

Each entry in the franchise has matched the efforts of its predecessor, but with the addition of another beloved actor and an increase in stakes for both the plot and the stunts. Each is more insane and less grounded in reality than the last and it absolutely whips. It’s hard to say how they’re going to top Fate of the Furious with the ninth instalment in the series but we do know one thing: this one has Cardi B in it.

The announcement was made today on Vin Diesel’s Instagram, in a video showing the pair on the UK set of the movie on the 86th day of filming:

It’s not clear what role she will be playing but, my god, I hope it involves her driving a 70s muscle car up a volcano or some shit.