OY: Ann Guilbert, Grandma Yetta On ‘The Nanny’, Has Died Aged 87

Ladies and gentlemen, another sliver of the 90s has been wrenched away from us.

Veteran actress Ann Guilbert, who locked down the role of Grandma Yetta on that fabulous mainstay The Nanny, has died. She was 87. 

Her daughter confirmed the news that Guilbert succumbed to cancer in Los Angeles, bringing the end to a bloody productive life in the entertainment industry. 
Outside of that particular silver-haired maven, she also rocked appearances in the game-changing The Dick Van Dyke Show, along with spots on I Dream Of Jeannie, Cheers, Seinfeld, and most recently in Life In Pieces. 
The nanny herself, Fran Drescher, took to Twitter to sing the praises of her on-screen nan.

Scope out this relatively recent footie of her and on-screen daughter Renee Taylor sharing war stories from their time on set. Marvel at the fact the hair remained identical decades later, and at the fact Guilbert had the guts to ask Liz Taylor for her fur coat. 
Rarely has an actress so perfectly typified the cool, snarky, effortlessly-fab grandmother we all wish we had. RIP, Ann. 

Source: Variety. 
Photo: CBS Photo Archive / Getty.