FBoy Island Australia Is Back For Another Season & I’m Getting The Oven Ready To Roast These Dudes

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Calling all friends, family and FBoys. I am very excited to report that one of the most bonkers yet self-aware reality dating shows — FBoy Island Australiahas been confirmed for Season Two. Can I get a collective “YAHOOOOOO?”

Personally, I’m over the bloody moon because nothing brought me more joy than debriefing about the absolute tomfoolery these boys would get up to with my pals over a glass or two of chilled natty red.

The show’s host Abbie Chatfield announced the excellent news on her Instagram Thursday morning.

“IT’S FUCKING BACK!” she wrote.

Fboy Island Australia Season Two is OFFICIALLY HAPPENING!

“I am so beyond thrilled. This show was incredible to make, and the finished product was even better. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Season two.”

She also mentioned that casting is now open for the show but I’ll get to that in a bit.

In case you missed Season One, FBoy Island Australia is a reality dating show which sees 24 single dudes go to a villa in the hopes of winning the affection of three beautiful women. The catch is, that half of these blokes are self-proclaimed nice guys and half are self-proclaimed FBoys. Otherwise known as “Fuck Boys” or “Big Fuckos”.

The nice guys are genuinely looking for love whereas the Fboys are only there for the $50,000 prize money. If they are chosen by one of the gals at the end, they can walk away with the entire prize packet. Well, unless they suddenly learn empathy and decide to share.

Imagine being this hot. Just imagine. (Image source: Binge)

It’s a great concept, no? And it’s made even better by Abbie’s signature wit, the incredibly bright styling which looks like it was inspired by an acid trip and the self-aware way the show makes fun of its concept and contestants without going too far.

Season One was filmed in early 2023 and two of the couples who found love on the show are going strong. Molly O’Halloran has just moved in with her Nice Guy Nick Brown, while Ziara Rae and her fellow Nice Guy Izaya Leota seem to still be vibing.

Sadly for the third contestant Sophie Blackley, things didn’t work out with her reformed FBoy Josh Allen.

Who is in the FBoy Island Australia Season Two cast?

So far, the only confirmed cast member is the effervescent host Abbie Chatfield who said she was “thrilled” to be making a return to the show in a statement on Thursday morning.

“I am thrilled to be playing FBoy detective once again and returning to FBoy Island for another season,” she said in a statement released this morning.

FBoy Island Australia flips traditional dating formats on its head and among all of jokes, laughter and questionable behaviour it’s a show that challenges gender dynamics and encourages men to be accountable for their bad behaviour.”

This could be you. (Image: Binge)

However, the show is yet to cast any of the Nice Guys, FBoys or beautiful women looking for love.

If this sounds like you, you can apply to be on the show HERE. If you want to see what the application was like last year, check it out HERE.

If I was single, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I mean come on, you get to stay in a gorgeous villa, hot people everywhere, fun yet ridiculous activities are aplenty. What’s not to love?

When does FBoy Island Australia Season Two premiere?

According to Binge’s press release, FBoy Island Australia Season Two is said to return in 2024.

It’s pretty vague, I’ll admit. But let’s look at last year’s timeline.

Season One of FBoy Island Australia premiered in May 2023. According to Caroline Swift, the Head of Entertainment for Warner Bros, the season was filmed in its entirety in two weeks.

“Depending on what we were filming, some male contestants would do a few hours a day if they weren’t involved with dates, and the girls would usually do 10 hours per day,” Swift told Refinery 29.

So, fingers crossed once they have the keen contestants for the new season they can smash filming out and have it ready for our lil’ eyeballs in no time.

Where can you watch FBoy Island Australia Season Two?

Just like Season One, you can only catch FBoy Island Australia Season Two on Binge. If you’ve already seen the Aussie season, the great news is that there’s also a Fboy Island NZ.

That should tide you over until a new Aussie season drops, right?

I can’t wait to see who the girlies will be this season. (Image source: Binge)

Is there a trailer for Fboy Island Australia Season Two?

Not just yet! But you better believe that I’ll be back to update you as soon as the inevitable clip of sexy people doing silly things drops.

In the meantime, you can catch up or rewatch Season One of FBoy Island Australia on Binge.