Here’s Which FBOY Island Couples Are Still Together And Which Ones Have Already Called It Quits

The FBOY Island finale really packed a punch. It truly was quality reality television. But before I give away any spoilies, this is your chance to open up BINGE and catch up. Or, if you’re lazy and time-poor, you can have a read of our cheeky recap here.

Anyway, back to the show.

During the finale, which aired on the streaming platform on Monday, Molly O’Halloran, Sophie Blackley and Ziara Rae were tasked with choosing one bloke to date in the outside world.

While two of these couples are still going strong today, months after filming, one couple has already called it quits.

In the end, Molly decided to go with her safe bet, Nick. Sophie risked it all by picking FBoy Joshy, but thankfully, he decided to split the $50,000 with her. And finally, Ziara followed her heart and chose nice guy Izaya.

The girlies looking GORGINA. (Image Source: Instagram / BINGE)

Are FBOY Island‘s Molly and Nick still together?

These two had the most dramatic story arc of the season. Molly thought Nick was too good to be true, so she kicked him to the curb thinking he was an FBoy. After discovering that she’d made a huge mistake, Molly worked some magic with the producers and she traded two duds to get Nick back. Hallelujah!

It looked like they were meant to be until an intruder named Vernon entered the villa. He had a mustache and rizz out the wazoo.

While Nick was a confirmed nice guy, Vernon had a certain je ne sais quoi that Molly loved. But although he was a fun dude who admitted his FBoy status willingly after going down on her, Molly decided that she could actually see a long-term future with her “Cuddle Bear” Nick.

FBOY Island couples
(Image Source: Molly O’Halloran @ohalloranmolly)

With their palpable chemistry on the show, I’m stoked to report that these two are still together!

The happy couple told that they’re doing long-distance and hoping to move in together soon.

Molly, who works as an occupational therapist in Melbourne, has been keeping her eye on Sydney-based jobs so she can be closer to Big Dick Nick.

“We’re doing long distance for the moment and then we’ll see what happens,” she said.

“Hopefully I’d love to be a little bit closer.”

I’m so HAPPY for these two!!!

Are FBOY Island‘s Sophie and Joshy still together?

Sophie took the riskiest approach out of all the girls. Instead of choosing nice guy Justin, who is guaranteed to split the cashola with her, she went with Joshy. And, as a typical jokester, he did a fake out and intimated that he’d take the money and run. But really, he chose to split it with her. He just wanted to mess with us.

Joshy; a producer’s dream!

Anyway, Sophie and Joshy had pretty obvious chemistry from the start. She loves funny dudes and he seemed like the class clown. He was beloved by all the other blokes and she felt like he had reformed his FBoy ways and blossomed into a nice guy. Aww!

FBOY Island couples
(Image Source: Instagram / Sophie Blackley @Sophiekoas )

But despite their vibes being on the same wavelength, these two have already gone their separate ways.

“To be fair, on our end, I think jumping into something after such a short time [is hard], especially as we live interstate,” Sophie told

“I know Joshy is so business-focused and that’s what attracted me to him as well. He’s very dedicated and so am I. And you don’t wanna ruin the friendship, I don’t think, especially from such a short amount of time. I cherished that much more than jumping into something.”

Thankfully, they still have a pretty solid friendship.

“We both respected each other in that way, anyway. We’re still really good friends – we still chat,” Joshy said.

“We didn’t really wanna try to force anything. I guess we didn’t really wanna feel that pressure from the show to be together. We’d rather just respect each other, be friends and just go from there.”

Are FBOY Island‘s Ziara and Izaya still together?

Ziara may have acted like she had a hard time choosing between Cory and Izaya but to all viewers with eyes, it was clear that she had a stunning connection with Izaya. And, in the finale they proclaimed their love for each other. So fkn cute.

And thankfully, these two are still going strong, and stoked to be able to go public with their luurrrve.

FBOY Island couples
(Image Source: Instagram/ Ziara Rae @ziararae)

“I feel like I couldn’t even see anyone else – it was him straight away and my family and friends that know me and could tell throughout the entire series it would be him just by the way that I talk about him and I act around him,” she said, per

See? Told ya so.

For Izaya though, it was tricky to watch Ziara go through the motions with Cory.

“I’ve never been in an environment like that where I’m fighting for the one girl that everyone wants,” he said.

“I would kind of lay and chill and try and look away from all that, but I was getting jealous, you know? And even if it didn’t show onscreen and in the edits, it did hurt. But I knew that I had a better connection than all of them and I felt like she wouldn’t give them that energy back.”

I loved this show so much and I’m so happy that the girls are thriving with or without their chosen fellas.

Praying, hoping, and manifesting for FBOY Island Season Two.