Abbie Chatfield Flames Journos Who Keep Asking Her A ‘Misogynistic’ Question About FBOY Island

Queen of Aussie reality TV Abbie Chatfield has called out journos for asking her a “pretty cooked and misogynistic” question.

Chatfield, who is currently booked and busy hosting her latest reality TV show FBOY Island Australia, took to Twitter to share her thoughts and feelings about a question she’s received multiple times.

“There’s a pretty cooked and misogynistic question I keep being asked about my role as host of #FboyIslandAu both privately and in press and I just want to address it once,” she said.

“I can’t believe I even have to do this, but it keeps coming up. That question is ‘Were you keen on/did you want to fuck any of the contestants?’ ‘Were you tempted?’ ‘Did you use the show as your own way to meet guys?’

“The answer, clearly, is ‘No’. As the host of a reality TV format, I would presume that is obvious. It is my job to host the show. No part of me enters that arena expecting a romantic connection.”

The FBOY Island host went on to say that she’s there to “control what is happening on set” and that “potential love interests” from contestants on the show have never crossed her mind.

To be honest, Chatfield popped off with that Twitter thread. It’s been established multiple times that she was only on the show as a host, and she’s done an incredible job on FBOY Island‘s first season.

Chatfield has since shared her Tweet to IG account, and she has seen a plethora of support from both fans and fellow celebs.

Masterchef AU’s Michelle Leong said: “It’s ridiculous that you have to spell it out like that. Being open and articulate about sexuality and being a professional are two separate concepts, end of conversation.”

Married At First Sight expert Mel Schilling admitted she also has been asked this “absurd question” by the press.

“We are professionals who happen to work in the ‘dating industry’ which doesn’t mean we participate in the dating,” Schilling said.

Many folks mentioned Bachelor host Osher Günsberg and wondered what would happen if he was asked that very same question.

Well, in 2016, per the Daily Mail Australia, Günsberg reportedly “made a personal rule about not dating female contestants”.

Honestly, we should just listen to Chatfield and just move past these BS and uncreative questions for women in the entertainment industry.

It’s very reminiscent of those compilations of Scarlett Johansson shutting down sexist questions. Or even that red carpet interview when a journo told Taylor Swift she would be going home with “lots of men”.

Questions and conversations like these are so misogynistic and gross and I’m glad Chatfield is calling it what it is. It’s truly cooked.