This morning on Twitter, news of Emma Watson retiring became a massively trending topic. Right now, at the time of writing, Emma Watson has over 82K tweets about her, with fans pouring out love for her multiple career roles, and sharing memes that represent their disbelief over the news. However, don’t fret. Here’s why Emma Watson isn’t exactly retiring just yet.

It was pretty shocking this morning to read that Emma Watson, 30, was apparently giving up the gun and moving on to greener pastures forever. Her acting career ranges from Little Women to Harry Potter, and most people grew up with seeing her on their screens. For Watson to retire and never act again would be MASSIVE.

She’s been acting for around 21 years, which is a long time to do anything really, so it kind of makes sense if she was to take a break. Which is, exactly what she is doing.

Before I get into why Emma Watson isn’t retiring just yet, please have a look at the sorts of posts going crazy over on Twitter. People are really FEELING the emotions.

So why the hell does everyone believe Emma Watson has retired? Well, it seems a Daily Mail article from Feb 21 has resurfaced after a couple of days, in which an unnamed “agent” source reveals that Watson’s career is now “dormant.”

In the article, the mysterious source mentions Watson’s current boyfriend, Leo Robinton, and cites him as the reason she may be quitting.

“Emma has gone underground, she is settling down with Leo. They’re laying low. Maybe she wants a family,” the agent told the Daily Mail.

He also mentioned that she is no longer “taking on new commitments.”

Firstly, let’s talk about how this agent character never even mentions retirement. It sounds more like Watson is taking a break from acting, which if you look at her recent activity as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, is not very surprising to hear.

Secondly, the source isn’t very reputable on the article. Emma Watson’s Creative Arts Agency (CAA) agent is Kevin Huvane. He’s the big name who looks after all the celebs. I’m talking Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Natalie Portman levels of big.

Would he take time out of his busy schedule to give some hot goss to the DM? Highly unlikely. It’s probably someone else like a publicist pretending to be a big Hollywood agent with all the tea.

So yeah, Watson is probs just taking a break. Mara Wilson (Matilda) gave some good insight into the matter, saying that everyone has a “different relationship” to acting.

Anyway, here’s to Watson and her hot BF, who are having a grand time together.

One day we’ll probably see Watson return to acting, because y’know, age isn’t a limit on anything.

Image: Getty Images / [Frazer Harrison]