Emma Watson Throws Support Behind New Hermione Noma Dumezweni

Late last year, when actress Noma Dumezweni was cast in the part of Hermione in the upcoming play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, the internet did what the internet does best and worked itself up into a lather at the thought of a black actress taking the part.
Author J.K. Rowling chimed in to say that Dumezweni as Hermione fits right in with her vision of the Potter canon, and she “loves” the idea of the actress taking on the part. 
Over the weekend, the original Emma Watson herself, Hermione, also threw her approval behind the casting choice, saying she can’t wait to see Dumezweni strut her stuff on stage this year, and following up with a string of love hearts.

The two-part Cursed Child is the eighth official story in the Harry Potter series, with a focus on an adult Harry as an “overworked employee at the Ministry of Magic”, and on his son, Albus.
Story: People
Photo: Europa Press / Dave M Bennett / Getty Images