Drag Race RuCap: The Queens Put An Entire Family In Drag & It’s Wholesome AF

drag race down under recap

G’day g’day and welcome to the penultimate recap of the second season of Stan’s Drag Race Down Under.

Last week we used our limp wrists to wave goodbye to Beverly Kills, who wound up in the bottom for trying to convince us that Bindi Irwin‘s secret lesbian sister would hunt for sugar daddies on the Gold Coast. Not the best idea when you really think about it.

This makes the top four Hannah Conda, Spankie Jackzon, Kween Kong and Molly Poppinz.

hannah conda
she’s beauty, she’s grace, she wants to win this race.

The top four girls gather in the werk room to reflect, and it really is nice to see a group of girls who aren’t combative or nasty. We are going to finish this show drama-free and without a single conflict and you bloody love to see it.

All of the girls gather before the werk room TV to watch an episode of The White Lotus. A strange choice if you ask me but any excuse to stare lovingly into Murray Bartlett‘s moustache.

drag race down under murray bartlett
this is basically porn.

RuPaul then announces that this week’s maxi challenge will be to makeover an entire family. I’m talking uncle, cousin, father and homosexual. A normal nuclear family.

The makeover challenge is not only a staple of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but it’s also one of the more heartwarming and fun episodes that the show has to offer.

Plus, last year’s makeover was one of the best eps of Drag Race Down Under we’ve ever received.

drag race down under
for $100,000 find the homosexual.

Molly Poppinz is partnered with Keelan, a superfan of Drag Race who brought their family in for a super makeover.

Hannah Conda is teamed up with Keelan’s father Tony.

The two decide to try on some breast pads and Tony makes the courageous choice to go bigger. If you can’t poke somebody’s eyes out on the runway, you aren’t doing drag.

You’ve gotta respect Tony for wanting the full experience.

drag race down under recap
now THIS is masculinity (and I mean that with full seriousness).

Kween Kong pairs herself up with Keelan’s cousin Tyler.

He’s definitely the person I was most excited to see in drag as he just has the face for it. I can’t explain it, it’s just gay instinct.

Spankie lands herself in the company of Keelan’s uncle Paul, who reveals that he’s from Palmerston North just like her. A match made in heaven, if you ask me.

spankie jackzon
this is basically a mirror.

Watching all of these men walk in heels for the first time was truly something else. A lot of tripping over and stumbling, and that was just Spankie Jackzon.

And so, the queens decide it would be camp to do a walk-off with their partners.

Unsurprisingly, uncle Paul has fierce energy pulsing through his veins. He was made for this.

drag race down under rucap
anything Spankie touches turns to GOLD.

Others, however, do not do as well in heels.

drag race down under recap
hi, this is me, Keelan. I bet you’re wondering how I ended up here.

It’s time to put the blokes into their queenly costumes and Keelan has a couple of ideas about how he wants to look on the runway.

It’s very obvious that Keelan is a Drag Race superfan who does NOT want to look a mess in front of RuPaul.

In typical gay fashion, he also wants to turn Molly’s outfit into something raunchier. Something that would make the “WAP” music video blush. What’s wrong with being a demure Strawberry Shortcake character??

molly poppinz
“can we go housewife… but slutty?”

Over at Kween Kong’s station, everything is looking glamourous, gorgeous and other g words that convey a sense of unmistakable beauty.

I mean, look at this WOMAN.

I’ve literally seen this woman at Stockland Merrylands.

While Kween was busy transforming Tyler into a lady, Hannah was turning Tony into a clown.

Molly also ran into problems with time, and had to cut corners on her vision. So much for thinking things would be easier with the only gay member of the family.

when the girls ask me how many people I want to kiss at the club.

Now let’s get into the transformation looks from this week’s Drag Race Down Under episode. The theme? Opposites attract!

First up is Kween Kong and Sister Kong looking like two gorgeous women.

Going for the black and white costumes was a smart idea on Kween’s end. Nothing screams opposites like those two colours.

kween kong drag race down under recap
oh to be carried by Kween Kong.

Next is Molly Poppinz and her drag daughter Kandy Flippinz.

It was nearly impossible to get a still image of Kandy Flippinz because she was so full of energy. But alas, the two served up sweet and sour realness and it was… okay.

try to explain this image to a heterosexual.

Spankie Jackzon and Flash Jackzon absolutely ate on the runway, and I’m not just saying that because their outfits were based on pizza.

Despite the fact that you could very easily see the edges of Flash’s wig, the two sold the hell out of their looks. I guess that’s what happens when you put two people with hilarious personalities together.

my nonna arriving to Australia, colourised (circa 1960).

Hannah Conda came down the runway as a wicked witch of the enchanted forest, while her partner Helle Gator was a dainty pink princess. It was giving Wicked. It was giving the severely underrated Snow White and the Huntsman (2012).

Except in this case, Hannah was playing the part of Charlize Theron, the evil witch, and Helle Gator was Chris Hemsworth the Huntsman.

me and my intrusive thoughts.

Molly and Hannah found themselves in the bottom two for their makeovers, which made complete sense with my fantasy.

Kween Kong took home the bacon for her unreal transformation yassification, securing her spot in the top THREE.

The bottom two then had to lipsync to an obscure Steps song featuring Michelle Visage. Maybe it was to commemorate the fact that Steps were supposed to tour Australia with The Pussycat Dolls, Smash Mouth, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Jesse McCartney, but COVID took it away from us. I’m still sobbing over that, BTW.

It was either for that reason or because Michelle wanted to plug her new song… either way I’m not mad.

drag race down under molly hannah lipsync
this could have been a dannii lipsync, but oh well.

Hannah was named the winner of the lipsync, joining Spankie and Kween in the top three.

Sadly this means we had to say goodbye to Molly Poppinz, “big tits of the season”.

I was really coming to love Molly and her energy. She was always so positive and charming, and never really faltered throughout the competition. That’s what you call top four material.

We’ll have to journey to Newcastle to see her in action. This gives me one (1) reason to go there now.

You can catch Drag Race Down Under on Stan now.