The Latest Ep Of Drag Race Down Under Smashed A Fkn Huge Record And We Love To See It

drag race down under

Kia ora and g’day g’day friends, I come bearing fantastic news! Despite only being around for a couple of days, the most recent episode of Stan’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under has already broken records. We love to see it.

Episode 3 of Drag Race Down Under — titled “Bottomless Brunch” — was released on August 13, and in no time at all, it’s already smashed IMDB records.

Upon its release, the episode (which is bloody fantastic if you haven’t seen it yet) skyrocketed to a YUGE 9.2 on IMDB, making it the highest-rated episode in the franchise, and one of the highest-rated episodes in all of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Keep in mind there are over 200 episodes of the show across the globe, so that’s a big deal.

The queens instantly celebrated this fact on Instagram. I mean, the episode was so hilarious because of the immense amount of talent everyone on the cast has — they deserve to shout themselves out!

“I am so freaking proud of all the cast and crew!” wrote Hannah Conda on Instagram.

“This is just amazing! So honoured to be by these beautiful humans on this journey.”

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it’s what they deserve!!

This was the first 9 for the series, which has been improving with every single episode. Season 2 has been an absolute blast, and production quality has definitely been elevated — so much so that they’ve already made jokes about Season 1’s lighting on the brand new season.

Unfortunately, Season 1 of Drag Race Down Under also has the record for one of the lowest scores in all of Drag Race history, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

While “Bottomless Brunch” broke records upon coming out, the score started to slip as time progressed.

The ep is currently sitting at a score of 8.4, which is still the highest rating for Drag Race Down Under.

Something tells me some spiteful little twinks decided to sabotage the score by putting in a couple of 1/10 ratings.

According to IMDB, 64% of voters gave the episode a 10/10. That’s apparently 132 people out of 208. Coincidentally, I would trust these 132 people with my life. They clearly have taste and know what the fuck is up.

If you enjoyed the episode because you also have taste, don’t be shy, let IMDB know how much you loved it.

These Aussie and New Zealander queens deserve all the love and respect we can give them. Let’s see that score climb back up to the 9’s!

You can soak up all the excellence of Season 2 right on Stan right here.