Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino Opens Up On Instagram

“You’re always allowed to grow up, if you want”

That’s the closing line in a series of scrawlings on hotel room stationery, posted to Instagram by Donald Glover AKA Troy from Community AKA Childish Gambino as he pours his heart about about his insecurities, his fears and his regrets.

He kind of explains his absence from the online spotlight, having disabled his website and staying off Twitter for most of the 2013 (“I’ve been sick this year”), his reasons for leaving Community (“I didn’t leave Community to rap. I don’t wanna rap. I wanted to be on my own”), talks of disputes with his label (“the label doesn’t want me to release in December because it’s not a holiday record and I’m not a big artist”) and (kind of hilariously) admits “I’m scared people will find out what I masturbate to”. Makes you wanna give the guy a hug.