Childish Gambino Drops New Politically Charged Track ‘This Is America’

Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover AKA a young Lando Calrissian unleashed his new fire track, This Is America during his set appearance as host on Saturday Night Live today.

This is Glover’s latest material since his Grammy nominated beauty Awaken, My Love! in 2016.

With the release of the song comes an official music video, directed by Hiro Murai, and it’s… intense to say the least and will undoubtedly piss off a whole bunch of conservatives.

To reflect the current political turmoil in his country, the music video appears to be a commentary on an array of important topics America are divided over, especially gun violence.

In the video, Glover is seen dancing around while chaos surrounds him and erupts because of him. After each act of gun violence carried out by Glover, he looks into the camera and sings “This is America”. 

The juxtaposition between lighthearted and disturbing is shocking throughout the video and some viewers may find it distressing.

Fans also believe that’s SZA sitting on top of a car at the end of the video, or someone that really looks like her.

Following the release, Glover performed the song on SNL in the same performance-style as the music video… minus the assault rifle.

Unfortunately being on the other side of the world, we Aussies don’t have access to their Youtube channel but we do have GIFS.

Glover is expected to release his new album, and very possibly his last, later this year. Despite his tremendous success, Glover believes it’s time to retire his music alter-ego.

This is America is available on Youtube, Apple Music, and Spotify and you can suss it HERE.

Come May 24, Glover will also be in Solo: A Star Wars Story as a young Lando Calrissian. He recently did an insanely cool and casual tour of the Millennium Falcon.