Watch Childish Gambino Absolutely Smash An Epic Freestyle Rap

I’m sure that Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino will now sleep soundly with the knowledge that I – a 28 year old middle class white man from Australia sitting at an office chair wearing a t-shirt with David Boon‘s face on the front of it – have finally gotten on board his game train. I’m convinced – the kid is pretty damned good.

Glover dropped by New York’s Hot 97 radio station to have a chat with DJ Peter Rosenberg, and apparently walked in to the studio with a fair amount of weight on his chest. When Rosenberg sensed it and started playing a simple little loop, Gambino took the chance and launched into one hell of a freestyle rap.
Sure, there’s probably parts of it that were pre-written. But to just waltz up and drop 4-or-so minutes off the cuff like that, barely skipping a beat? And hell, look at the eyes. The dude is in the zone.
Whatever it is that’s pissed you off, Don, we’ve got your back. Holy cow.