Dominic Sherwood Has A Sick ‘Shadowhunters’ Spinoff Idea & It Needs To Happen

The, forgive my French, FUCKED decision to axe Shadowhunters sent shockwaves throughout the fandom and ultimately proved just how loyal their supporters are as a campaign was launched to keep the show going.

But what is it about the series that attracted such a hardcore fan-base in just a few years?

One could chalk it up to the epic storylines, the ~supernatural~ vibes, the woke themes (including LGBTQ+ representation) and, of course, the hot AF cast including baben’ Brit Dominic Sherwood.

Before his trip Down Under for Oz Comic-Con, I gave old mate Dom a buzz to chat about the end of an era and what to expect from the convention.

Hey Dominic! Fans were devastated at the announcement that Shadowhunters was ending and there’s even a campaign to keep the show going. What’s your response to that?

It’s really inspiring that people would come together from all over the world because the show is something they enjoy and imbues so much positivity and we don’t know what’s going on, we don’t know if anyone’s mind is going to be changed by the online campaign but it’s lovely to see help going to charitable causes in the name of the show and in the name of the fans which is why we’ve been using the Shadowhunters legacy hashtag (#ShadowhuntersLegacy) which is our way of saying let’s do something good with this.

Uh, yeah ok wow hi

If the show had continued, what would you have liked to see happen to Jace?

I would’ve liked one or two nice days with no tears and no accidentally falling in love with your sister then dying and you being responsible for all that. That would be nice for Jace, you know, just to be given a day off to go to the beach.

That would almost be a good spinoff idea: Jace Hits The Beach.

Right!? Maybe that’s the spinoff.

Find me a better looking cast… I’ll wait

So what was it like filming the finale?

It was sort of a weird eclectic mix of emotions. We filmed a scene on the last day where everyone was together, all of the lead cast and the newer leads and it was really nice that we all got together and one of our showrunners came to direct the episode and it was absolutely phenomenal.

What will you miss most about the series?

I think we did a really good job with the journeys and the relationships that we had and being able to watch them grow and not even my own relationships, my favourites were the ones around me that I watched from the sidelines. I got to see these relationships brought to the screen by incredible actors. I think I’ll miss that.

Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Jace (Dominic Sherwood)

What’s your favourite memory from filming?

We had this scene, I think it actually ended up being cut, where there was a newborn warlock baby and we had this two or three week old baby on set and we had to stay really quiet, we were almost whispering our lines and midway through the scene these things that were attached to the bottom of the baby’s bottle fell out and hit the table then hit the floor.

We were all in absolute hysterics laughing, like, tears streaming down our faces but we couldn’t audibly laugh because we didn’t want to wake this baby. I can’t even explain how hard we were laughing. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Do you see yourself doing any more supernatural-type series’ in the future?

Yeah, definitely. In the future I’d love to as long as it’s the right show and the right time. There’s been a couple of things that have come up here and there that weren’t exactly right but I’m just waiting for the right next step.

You’re heading Down Under v. soon for Oz Comic-Con so tell me: what can a fan do to get your attention?

The main thing that I notice about anyone, even everyday people on the street is when I see someone doing something generous or kind or caring. I almost see that energy and you can tell that that person really cares about all the people around them regardless of whether or not they know them. That’s something that draws my attention.

What’s your fave costume that you’ve ever come across?

I once saw an Iron Man costume that was pretty incredible and they had lights and smoke and different parts that move and the face mask came off, that was pretty amazing.

Credit: Supplied.

If you were to ever show up in costume, what would you wear?

I actually did once, we went to Comic-Con a couple of years ago to receive an award from MTV and I wanted to go out and enjoy Comic-Con while I was there so I wore a helmet to cover my face.

What’s the most memorable fan experience you’ve ever had?

You know what, it’s the same thing that I was just talking about. There was this young girl who we met at one of our most recent conventions who was just smiling the whole time with everyone around her and was making sure that everyone was okay and happy and I even told her this when we were waiting for one of the photo stalls. She was just so happy the whole time, I was in a fling at the time and she was like ‘are you doing okay?’ and I was like ‘I’m fine, don’t worry about me’ and she was just lovely. It was a really nice experience and a memorable moment.

What question do you hate being asked?

It used to be ‘What’s your celebrity crush?’ but I’m single now so it doesn’t really matter anymore, I can absolutely answer that question.

But we go to conventions in foreign speaking countries quite often and we have a translator who will say ‘No, we don’t think your question is appropriate’ and I’ll say ‘well, tell me what it is’. I’ll never not answer a question because if a person wants to know then the answer’s there. There aren’t really questions that I don’t answer except for that but as I said, I’m single now so why not?

Okay well then I might as well ask, who is your celebrity crush?

It’s Emilia Clarke.

Great answer! Are you a Game of Thrones fan?

I’m actually in that 1% of the world who’s never watched Game of Thrones.

I’m in that 1% too!

It’s just you and me, brother. Just you and me. But yeah Emilia just has that light, like wow.

Dom’s crush, Emilia Clarke

You must be so keen to come back to Australia and you’re coming at a good time, weather-wise.

I am, I’m going to try and get all sunburned and red faced.

Amazing, well we can’t wait to see you when you’re here!

Can’t wait, thanks mate.

Oz Comic-Con Brisbane – Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre – September 22 and 23
Oz Comic-Con Sydney – International Convention Centre Sydney – September 29 and 30

Buy tickets to see Dominic at Oz Comic-Con and check out all the other epic guests HERE.