Denise Drysdale Landed In Hospital After Chasing A Gopher Who Zapped Her On Holey Moley

Denise Drysdale on Holey Moley

Comedian and Studio 10 co-host Denise Drysdale stacked it so hard on Sunday night’s Holey Moley celebrity special that she ended up in hospital. And yet, the footage still went to air.

Things started off when Denise got zapped by a gopher in a lab coat. Normal TV show.

Anyway after the electric shock, Denise tried to chase around the man in the gopher costume and, while doing so, she tripped and had a really nasty-looking fall on her shoulder.

“That hurt like hell, oh my god,” Denise said while on the ground, surrounded by first aid crew.

“Now I look like Hannibal Lecter.”

Denise is just one of several people who’ve really hurt themselves on the set of the surprisingly high-stakes minigolf show, and it’s taken her months to fully recover.

At the time of filming in October last year, she gave a statement from hospital: “Mummy has took a tumble and has broken one of her chicken wings.”

But there was also some drama before the episode went to air on Sunday night, with conflicting stories about her falling while chasing a golf buggy and falling because of a hidden slope in the golfcourse.

We now know the latter to be the truth.

If you look at the footage closely, there’s a small bump hidden in the AstroTurf. Normally this is a fun obstacle for a golf ball, but it can also be kind of dangerous for a human, as we just saw.

After Denise’s fall and withdrawal from the comp, her opponent, Aussie speedskating legend Steven Bradbury won by default… again.

Steven Bradbury literally Bradburied his way into winning a minigolf competition on national TV. It was truly a magical silver lining for what looked like a really serious fall.

At least she didn’t scream “ow, ow, ow”.