TV Insider Claims I’m A Celebrity’s Julia Morris & Denise Drysdale Have Been Feuding For Years

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has just kicked off its 10th Season, and there’s already some spicy behind-the-scenes tea involving beloved host Julia Morris and celebrity contestant Denise Drysdale.

For folks who are not familiar with I’m A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here!, the name itself gives away the premise of the show. Basically, celebs are dumped in a jungle and participate in a variety of tasks, trials and challenges in hopes of winning a bunch of smackers for their chosen charity.

We must say, this year’s cast is truly star-studded. It includes Malcolm In The Middle‘s Frankie Muniz, Love Island‘s biggest himbo Callum Hole, Biggest Loser Australia‘s Michelle Bridges and as well as other big names.

The latest celeb to join the 2024 cast was revealed to be Aussie entertainment triple threat, Denise Drysdale.

(Image source: Instagram / @imacelebrityau)

Although her presence may be a joy to most Aussies, unfortunately, she’s rumoured to be involved in a feud with I’m A Celebrity showrunner Julia Morris. Yikes!

Per Daily Mail Australia, Drysdale and Morris apparently have had bad blood since they both starred in Channel Nine’s In Melbourne Tonight from 1996 to 1997.

“It would shock the viewers to know these two ladies had beef back in the day,” an inside source — who Daily Mail claims is a former Channel Nine producer — told the publication.

“Julia was starting out in television and Denise felt she wasn’t grateful enough of the advice she was giving.

“It was a personality clash from day one and [host] Frankie J Holden would feel really uncomfortable each week as they tried to out-do each other.”

The anonymous source claimed Channel 10 had to do “some very strategic planning” to have both comedians on the same show.

How did the alleged feud between Julia Morris and Denise Drysdale start?

According to the inside source, Drysdale reportedly felt that she could’ve been a “big sister” to Morris, who was just blossoming in her entertainment career.

“I think Denise felt she could big sister the new comedian,” the insider revealed, per Daily Mail Australia.

“However, Julia was determined to run her own race and the women never kept in touch once the show was axed.

“They are both quite similar. They love to go for the big over-the-top loud jokes. Very visual, very silly and something which was more common back in those late-night-show formats.”

The insider went on to claim that I’m A Celebrity originally shared a snippet of In Melbourne Tonight in Drysdale’s montage before she entered the jungle, however, it was ultimately cut.

Neither Morris nor Drysdale have confirmed this rumour, so as always, please take it with a grain of salt!

Both of these Aussie entertainment icons are in the jungle as we speak. So, it might be a while before we get any answers surrounding this hullabaloo.

Image source: Instagram / @imacelebrityau