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Our new favourite chaotic reality show, Holey Moley, is apparently a lot more dangerous than the obstacle course x putt putt challenge looks, according to Woman’s Day.

An on-set source said that there along with several concussions on set, one contestant broke 12 ribs while another two contestants broke their ankles. Ouch.

“One person who was injured even had to crawl off the course before safety and medics helped them,” they said.

A second insider told the mag: “A show like this takes careful planning to make sure that everything runs smoothly, but even then, lives are still at risk.”

Apparently there were so many accidents on set that host Rob Riggle, who also stars in the US series, bailed back to the States as soon as possible. The source for Woman’s Day said that Rob would complain about the risks to the contestants’ safety, especially compared to the US production.

“Working into the wee hours of the morning, Rob watched as multiple contestants had to be carted off set due to serious accidents,” said the source.

“He flew back home shocked at the carnage he witnessed on set.”

Actor and TV personality Denise Drysdale, who we last saw on Studio 10, ended up in hospital in October after being injured during filming for Holey Moley.

As 7 News reported at the time, the 72-year-old Aussie TV veteran fell over on set and was taken to hospital in Brisbane with a shoulder injury.

“Mummy has took a tumble and has broken one of her chicken wings,” Denise said in a statement.

“The hospital are taking good care of me.”

A spokesperson for production company Eureka Productions said at the time that Denise had “tripped on a putting green”.

“She is resting and receiving treatment,” they continued.

“Denise is a national treasure and everyone is wishing her a speedy recovery.”

In November last year, TV Blackbox reported that Denise had injured herself during a break in filming, when she was “chasing a golf buggy” on a flat surface.

But Denise’s manager, David Wilson, released a statement refuting the claims, saying that he had reviewed video footage of the incident.

They wrote that she was injured while filming a “produced segment” for the program, while she was “performing with another character”. “Denise was not ‘chasing a golf buggy’ when she fell.”

He added that she had actually tripped over a camouflaged hump under the astroturf, which is “a game hazard”, not a flat surface.

“Denise is recuperating at home, with assistance from a close friend and she looks forward to being back at work again very soon. She is so grateful for all the messages of love and support.”