Bryce From MAFS Apparently Dumped His Fiancée After 5 Years Together To Marry A Stranger On TV

Bryce Ruthven on Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight groom Bryce Ruthven apparently dropped his fiancée of one year to go on the show and applied for the series while they were still together. And, to think, this was meant to be a ~wholesome~ season.

According to Friday’s episode of So Dramatic!, Bryce was still engaged to Lana Bongioletti, his partner of FIVE YEARS, when he applied for MAFS.

A source close to Bryce shared the goss with host Megan Pustetto. “Bryce applied for Married At First Sight when he was still engaged to his partner, Lana. They had been engaged for over a year at this point and they had been together for five years.

“He applied for Married at First Sight in early 2020 and they didn’t split until May 2020, when he moved to Canberra on May 15 and she stayed in Victoria. He started filming in September.”

But Bryce Ruthven told TV Week this week that he and Lana actually split up six months before filming, not in May.

“Towards the end of it, I was keen on locking in a wedding date, talking about having kids, but we just weren’t on the same page,” he said.

While he was in the limo, he said he thought to himself, “Oh, jeez – this could have been happening with someone else,” but was ultimately pleased with his choice to split from Lana.

“It actually reassured me that I was very comfortable with the decision I made six months ago [to call off his engagement] and was doing the right thing marrying a complete stranger.”

Yet a March breakup date is likely the same time he would’ve needed to apply for the series.

Still, his acquaintances are critical of that choice. They described him to Megan Pustetto as a “fame whore”.

One person explained: “Bryce has applied for heaps of shows in the past. Most recently before MAFS, he applied for Holey Moley. He was engaged to Lana when he applied for Holey Moley and was rejected, then he applied for MAFS, got on and broke up with her. He’s an attention-seeker who just wants to be famous. Wanker.”

Bryce Ruthven even did a series of Instagram Lives on his personal Instagram page with the 2020 MAFS contestants last year, including Michael Goonan, KC Osborne and Steve Burley.

But So Dramatic!‘s source is skeptical of his motive for talking to the ex-contestants: “When Bryce did the Instagram Lives with the contestants last year that was all part of his plan to get into the reality TV world in the hopes that the contestants could introduce him to the right people to get cast for a show.

“[I]t all got to his head. He’s always wanted to be famous and he’s always had a superiority complex. He loves attention and clout and all of that.”

So Dramatic! also says that Bryce has been fired from his Canberra radio show on the Hit Network, and relocated to Melbourne.

While management apparently told staff that he is on extended leave, So Dramatic! reckons it’s pretty fair to say he’s gone for good. That’s thanks not only to intel from inside the station and from his ‘friends’, but because he’s been removed from the station’s publicity material and has been posting on Facebook Marketplace to sell his stuff in Canberra.

Megan suggests he may be moving for his MAFS bride, Melissa Rawson, who is from Melbourne. Ooooh.

Bryce Ruthven got TV-married to Melissa on Monday night’s episode of Married At First Sight.

On the show he explained his recent breakup.”My most recent relationship lasted over five years. We got engaged, I saw a wedding and us buying a house, settling down, having a family and creating a life together – but we wanted different things. It got to the point where I didn’t see us wanting the same future, so I broke it off.”

Bit rude to move on so quickly imo, he probably hasn’t taken the time to process the end of his last relationship. We’d love to hear what Lana reckons of all this…