Columnist Accuses Sam Frost Of ‘Playing Victim’ Over Maxim Mag Photos

Earlier this month, Sam Frost was left fuming after Maxim Australia re-purposed an old photograph of her for its December cover, and proceeded to tear strips off the magazine in a highly entertaining fashion
She had a go at them for their dodgy Photoshop job, for darkening her hair to imply that the photo taken months ago was new, and for dredging up images that were shot at a time when she “wasn’t in a great frame of mind.”

Frost also slammed Maxim for making it seem like she had “returned” to the magazine when in fact she had not granted another interview, and said that she was “disappointed” by the ways her body had been altered, as she tries to be a “good role model” for young girls.
Just as the furore over the photos was dying down, a wild Faifax columnist has appeared, accusing Frost of making up her outrage at Maxim to give the public a reason to feel sorry for her again, and of “playing victim” in response to their dick move.
In a piece published yesterday, Fairfax Life & Style reporter Amy Croffey let fly at Frost, saying that, after finding lurve on The Bachelorette and surrendering the title of Blake Garvey‘s “pitiable ex-fiance”, she needed a new way of grabbing attention.
After quoting a source from Maxim’s publisher Nuclear, who defended the magazine’s “minimal” retouching of the photo, Croffey went on to say that Frost should just STFU and be grateful for the attention:
“Frost was thrust into the spotlight because of the drama surrounding her short-lived reality TV show relationship. Ever since she has sold, and indeed has been sold as, a pitiful character that should be felt sorry for. Perhaps now that she has moved on in her life she is finding it difficult not to play the victim card any longer or maybe she needs to start reading the fine print.”

Once again:

Sam Frost, shockingly enough, did not offer comment to Fairfax for their piece; we have since approached her ourselves.

Photo: Don Arnold via Getty Images