Sam Frost just CANNOT even look at you rn, Maxim Australia: go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done. 

That is, cashed in on Frosty’s ever-growing ~status~ by repurposing a photo shoot she posed for back in February, and airbrushing the shit out of it to;

a) make it appear like a new photo shoot;

b) make her appear hotter, even though she’s a fucking 10 as is.

Sam Frost Drags Maxim For Using Old, Photoshopped Images On New Cover

Frosty let rip on Maxim’s “disappointing” decision to feature her on the cover of its December issue – out this Thursday – on her new breakfast radio show with Rove McManus, Rove & Sam, saying what its editors have done made her “blood boil”.

“For starters, I mentioned last week that I regretted doing the photoshoot [the original was shot back in February] in the first place. Like I said I wasn’t in a great frame of mind at the time, I did it last December, I wish I didn’t do it,” she said.

She went on to explain that despite being vocal about her regret over the photoshoot, Maxim chose to re-publish the old photoshoot.

“Smack-bang, on the cover, implying that I’ve done a second photoshoot, that I’ve returned to Maxim.”

Frosty also dragged them for over-airbrushing her, saying:

They’ve actually photoshopped my hair dark, because I was blonde [then] and now I’m brunette. They’ve enhanced my boobs. I am quite flat-chested and I’m okay with that. And [they] brought in my waist and I personally feel like it’s a bit disappointing because I don’t look like that. I’m a huge advocate for being a good role model for young girls and just embracing what you look like.”

Sam Frost Drags Maxim For Using Old, Photoshopped Images On New Cover

~The February 2015 Maxim cover Frosty legit posed for, which has been repurposed for the December ish~

She also accused them of fabricating the story about her *inside* the mag, saying “even the article that’s inside is like ‘she’s returned back to Maxim’ and I haven’t!” 

“I’m not proud of the fact that I did that shoot. I’m quite disappointed in myself and it’s a shame that they’ve altered the photos so much,” she reiterated.

Meanwhile, her chosen human Sasha Mielczarek was quick to tweet his support:

Safe to say Maxim’s blown any chance it ever had of a nude couple’s shoot.

Sam Frost Drags Maxim For Using Old, Photoshopped Images On New Cover

Image via Maxim.