Remember That Time Cole Sprouse Gifted His Twin Bro Dylan A Fancy Dick Pic For Christmas?

Cole Sprouse Dylan Sprouse

Twins share a special connection, and sometimes they do weird things; like feel each other’s pain or gift each other posters of dicks. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so common, but celebrity twin Cole Sprouse certainly did just that one year for Xmas for his brother Dylan.

(Just to catch you up on these two blokes: Cole is the one who plays Jughead Jones on Riverdale and starred as Ross Geller’s son Ben on Friends; while Dylan co-starred with his bro in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody as well as the Adam Sandler classic Big Daddy.)

smol Sprouse

Anyway, the arguably more famous Sprouse sibling took to Twitter to share the unusual choice of gift that he bestowed upon his brother during this, the time of giving.

And, it’s weird. It’s very odd. It’s an anatomical poster of a peen. A bisected bepis. A dick diagram.

Just look at it:

Not only did Cole include a pic of the extremely thoughtful present, but a screenshot of his bro’s less-than-enthused reaction which was more or less ‘what the fuck do I do with this’.

Some fans could see the humour in it.

But others read waaaay into it, with one commenter drawing the connection between the cheeky present and Dylan’s nude photo scandal back in 2013.

The connection doesn’t seem to be be a huge stretch, especially considering that when those photos surfaced the twins shared a very public joke about it.

Ah, brothers will be brothers. Especially when one of those brothers is Cole Sprouse.