Infamous influencer couple Chloe Szepanowski and Mitchell Orval have opened a fish and chips takeout shop, but judging by the absolute sledging the menu has copped online, it’s not going well.

Problematic influencers getting their comeuppance should be a genre of therapy because it is so goddamn satisfying.

Cue Chloe and Mitch, who are best known for spreading anti-vax COVID conspiracies during lockdown.

The controversial couple recently bought a shopfront on Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, which they opened to the public last week as a fish and chip joint called The Shack Takeaway.

The store’s Instagram account has locked comments (always a good sign), but our lord and saviour Aussie Influencer Opinions reshared the shop’s menu and oh boy, it’s copping a flogging.

Eagle eyed commenters pointed out that the menu is riddled with errors, including items that don’t actually exist.

Exhibit A: a “large short black”. FYI, a short black is made by pushing hot, pressurised water through finely ground coffee, which produces 30ml of liquid. You literally can’t have this in “large” because by adding water to it, it stops being a short black. It would then be… a long black.

That’s not all, folks.

The Shack Take Away menu lists an “espresso” separately to a “short black” even though they are actually the same thing, and has “large” sizes for a long black.

It also says alternative milks cost “$0.8c” which simply does not make numerical cents. The correct way to write the value would be “$0.8” or “80c”.

Some people noted that 80c is pretty expensive, too.

“Also 80c for plant milk? Absolute rip off lmao,” one comment said.

“$50 for a fam pack AND you have to undergo the humiliation of entering this store. Should be free,” another wrote.

The menu also has a lot of weird phrasing, like “chai latte on almond milk” and an inconsistent use of “ice” vs “iced”.

Looks like vaccinations aren’t the only thing Chloe Szep and Mitch Orval need to educate themselves on.