Remember When Influencer Chloe Szep’s Fish & Chip Shop Closed Down, Dodgy Fkn Menu And All?

chloe szep fish and chips

Anti-vax COVID conspiracy spreaders Chloe Szepanowski and Mitchell Orval seemingly closed down their fish and chips shop that was roasted to oblivion earlier this year.

The controversial couple bought a shopfront on Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, which they opened to the public in February as a fish and chip joint called The Shack Takeaway.

Now, according to the Outspoken podcast (who received their intel from So Dramatic!) the store is no more.

“We have to thank Megan Pustetto, from the So Dramatic! podcast, who passed on this story to us,” the host of the pod Sophie Taeuber said.

“Basically, one of Megan’s followers went to the shop to try a Chloe Szep latte and was greeted with an empty shop front.”

According to the So Dramatic! spy, the place was entirely abandoned. No furniture, no workers and no “large short black” coffees. The store’s Instagram also seems to be kaput.

Thankfully our Lord and saviour Aussie Influencer Opinions reshared the shop’s menu and oh boy, it’s great to look at the items and reminisce on the days when everyone was dragging them.

chloe szep

Back in February, commenters pointed out that the menu is riddled with errors, including items that don’t actually exist.

Exhibit A: a “large short black”. FYI, a short black is made by pushing hot, pressurised water through finely-ground coffee, which produces 30ml of liquid. You literally can’t have this in “large” because by adding water to it, it stops being a short black. It would then be… a long black.

That’s not all, folks.

The Shack Takeaway menu also listed an “espresso” separately from a “short black” even though they are actually the same thing, and has “large” sizes for a long black.

It also said alternative milk costs “$0.8c” which simply does not make numerical cents. The correct way to write the value would be “$0.8” or “80c”.

Some people noted that 80c is pretty expensive, too.

“Also 80c for plant milk? Absolute rip off lmao,” one commenter said.

“$50 for a fam pack AND you have to undergo the humiliation of entering this store. Should be free,” another wrote.

The menu also has a lot of weird phrasing, like “chai latte on almond milk” and inconsistent use of “ice” vs “iced”.

There were also complaints about the $50 “Hangry Dad Family Pack”, which includes basa as the fish of the day.

“Ew Basa for fish of the day… one of the cheapest fish you can buy in a $50 family pack. Wtf,” wrote one commenter.

RIP in peace The Shack Takeaway. Anti-vax influencers getting their comeuppance. What a wonderful thing to see.