Shannen Doherty Gives The Cauldron A Bit Of A Stir As The Old And New Charmed Casts Feud


Shannen Doherty has stepped in to defend the Charmed reboot, after the stars of the original ’90s show and the cast of the current series traded some hexes over the internet.

The drama started earlier this week, when Rose McGowan told fans on a live stream that the reboot “sucks”, while Holly Marie Combs laughed in the background.

“I haven’t seen it, I can’t say that,” she said, when asked for her thoughts on the updated series. “I’m happy that people have jobs, but it can still suck.”

This led to quite a bit of back and forth, in which Sarah Jeffery, of the new series, slammed the women’s behaviour as “pathetic”, and accused them of putting down women of colour.

Doherty, who starred on Charmed for three seasons before McGowan joined the cast, has long been a supporter of the reboot, and she was quick to chime in with her thoughts.

Speaking with EW, she said: “What’s old is new… and I think it’s wonderful a new generation can connect with three strong, powerful women, not to mention the many jobs the show provides.”

Sarah Jeffery has expressed her affection for Shannen Doherty in the past. She recently posted a photo of the actress meeting her dad, and offering her best wishes for the new series:

Alyssa Milano, who is not yet involved in the current Charmed drama, gave her tentative support to the reboot back in 2018, saying:

“I wish that they would have come to us and we would have been involved since the beginning. But having said that, I do hope that it reaches the newer generation and impacts that generation the way ours was able to do for its generation.”