Celeste Barber Reveals Which Celeb Has Blocked Her & Take A Wild Guess Who It Is

celeste barber emily ratajkowski instagram blocked

Aussie comedian Celeste Barber has revealed which celeb has blocked her on Instagram and I’m not at all shocked at who it is.

Joining Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, Barber addressed how her content may not exactly be a cup of tea for the celebs she makes fun of. Look, at least she’s slightly self-aware.

When asked if people like Emily Ratajkowski (Em Rata) appreciate her Instagram posts, Barber revealed that they absolutely “do not love” what she does.

“Yeah, I don’t think Ratajkowski is a fan. But that’s okay, she’s allowed to not love it,” said Barber, revealing that Em Rata blocked her.

“This was years ago. This was like five or so years ago she blocked me. And look, that’s fine.

“It’s just that thing when two different worlds of women collide the Daily Mail lose their mind. People are allowed to like it or not.”

In case you missed it, Barber came under fire in 2021 for a post she made specifically targeting Em Rata.

The video itself was nothing unusual — it contained Barber’s usual schtick of comparing someone society deems “beautiful” with herself, who exaggerates her role as the “normal” woman. It feels weird to write but that’s basically Barber’s M.O.

This time around, however, Barber’s caption accused Em Rata of “objectifying” bodies, even though she was just standing there and modelling, which is literally her job.

This shoot came shortly after Em Rata wrote about allegedly being sexually assaulted by Robin Thicke, who she claimed groped her on the music video set for “Blurred Lines”.

In a profile by The New York Times, Em Rata spoke about her conflicted sense of self, the way she grapples with constantly being reduced to her body and her journey in understanding her own role in misogyny and objectification.

So yeah, people were mad. Showing your body doesn’t mean people should reduce you to an object and Barber’s post insinuated Em Rata was doing women some injustice by existing.

No surprise that Em Rata would block her instantly.

Barber was in hot water again earlier this year after sharing a post from influencer Tammy Hembrow to her own story.

Hembrow was showing off her body in activewear in the pic, 12 days after having a baby. Barber commented the following:

“Women should NEVER feel as though they need to put on activewear and show off their bodies, to prove a point ESPECIALLY 12 days after having a baby. 12 DAYS!”

“I’ll wear whatever I want @celestebarber,” Hembrow wrote back, tagging the controversial comedian.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hembrow also blocked Barber, but alas, I guess we’ll never know.

It’s nice to know Em Rata and I have something in common I guess.