Camila Cabello Keeps It 100% Real, Adjusts Boobs Mid Interview

The red carpet can be an intensely scary and meticulous place. I say that as someone who has never and will never have the opportunity to step foot on one, but having to appear flawless while dodging a barrage of questions is my personal idea of hell.

While the 2018 Grammys Red Carpet was plagued with more than a few awkward interviews, Havana singer Camila Cabello was able to perfectly manoeuvre a “boob squish” while being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest.

Taking to Twitter, the 20-year-old singer shamelessly posted a video of the incident, and reckoned it was high time there was a word for “boob squish”.

I’m not sure what’s better, the fact that Camila seamlessly transitioned from ultra-important recording artist to just another girl needing a boob adjust, or Ryan Seacrest’s absolutely spot on “Oooookay” as he tries to make sense of what just happened.

Aside from donning a gorgeous red gown that needed a little too much attention, Camila accessorised with a white rose to show support to the #TimesUp movement.