Camila Cabello Was Slyly Dropping Clues About Her New BF Weeks Ago

Camila Cabello is currently seeing British dating coach Matthew Hussey, who must be pretty bloody good at his job because it seems like the 20-year-old singer just can’t shut up about him.

The pair just got back from a super romantic holiday in Mexico, where they pretty much confirmed to the world that they were an item and that they were also incredibly cute together, as evidenced below.

Well, we clearly missed a big clue that the pair were cracking on behind the scenes ‘cos a recent interview with the Havana singer shows her gushing over the fella before they’d even got together!

Camila was talking on the Elvis Duran Show to promote her album and managed to squeeze in some time to inquire about her potential beau.

“Hey wait, by the way, is Matthew Hussey still [here]?” she says at the 22-minute mark.

“I love him. He’s great. He gives good advice.”

She proceeds to look verrrry interested upon hearing that he’s still in the building, only to be brutally disappointed when she finds out it’s only an assistant.

Ah, young love.