Fans Reckon Fifth Harmony Are Close To Breaking Up After Ditching Aus Tour

The only thing worse than your favourite group breaking up is the uncomfortable limbo in the months prior where you can feel a big storm coming but you also realise there’s jack shit you can do about it.

That’s certainly how Fifth Harmony fans have been feeling as of late, with much of the fan base speculating that their fave gurls could be calling it a day sooner rather than later.

The group recently cancelled their upcoming tour of Australia, after they originally postponed it from last year due to scheduling conflicts. This is the second time that 5H have bailed on their fans down under, so there’s either some stuff poppin’ off behind the scenes or they really aren’t feeling the heat.

“TEG Live, the promoter of Fifth Harmony, has regretfully advised, due to necessary scheduling requirements, Fifth Harmony will be unable to proceed with their 2018 Australian Tour,” the announcement said.

This comes after Normani hopped on Khalid’s new tune Love Lies, and fans were quick to note that former member Camila Cabello jumped ship shortly after she started collaborating with other artists.

Their website still lists their upcoming tour dates in Asia and the United States, but it’s extremely sus that they’d cancel on their Australian fans just a month out for something as vague as “scheduling conflicts”.

Hmph, I guess we’ll find out.