Fifth Harmony’s Bop ‘Work From Home’ Has Become This Year’s OTHER Big Viral Hit

Fifth Harmony, Work From Home

Who would have predicted that back in 2016, Fifth Harmony‘s ‘Work From Home‘ would prove to be the most important bop of the modern era? Well, hand me a drill and a largely decorative hard hat, because here we are in 2020, and Fifth Harmony are now more relevant than ever.

As the spread of the coronavirus has forced countless people to stay home and work remotely, the song has exploded in popularity. It has gone, dare I say it, viral. Camila Cabello, Normani and the other harmonies, whose names I can’t recall, have created a soundtrack for these uncertain times.

According to People, ‘Work From Home’ has enjoyed a massive spike in popularity, jumping more than 250 spots in one day on the iTunes chart. Of course, there are tweets and memes aplenty about the song and about Fifth Harmony’s sudden and unexpected impact.

Lyrics like “you don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work, but you gotta put in work, work, work, work, work, work, work” certainly reflect the current situation for many people.

That said, lines like “nothin’ but sheets in between us, ain’t no getting off early” make me feel like there might also be some kind of sexual subtext to ‘Work From Home’, but that’s for history to decide, I guess.