How Fucking DARE Bradley Cooper Sit Next To His Real GF & Not His Movie GF

A Star Is Born stans are majorly egging on this Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper / Irina Shayk love triangle at the 2019 Oscars like it’s year bloody nine and y’all need to chill the fuck out, ploise.

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Ever since the film was first released last year, fans have been convinced that the chemistry between Jackson and Ally is so palpable that it simply must be indicative of a real-life relationship between the stars, despite the fact that Cooper is madly in love with Shayk.

With the 2019 Oscars in full swing, people have been looking for further clues that the co-stars are ~secretly~ together and they’ve discovered what they think are massive shreds of evidence.

Evidence #1: Shayk sat between the pair at the ceremony which was supposedly an intentional move on Shayk’s part to keep her BF away from his alleged mistress.

First of all binches, they’re a couple (rumoured to be engaged, mind you), of COURSE they’re going to sit together, it would have been rude, otherwise.

Second of all, it’s the Oscars organisers who arrange the seating plan, not the guests. What, d’ya think Irina snuck in ahead of time to move the seating cards around?


Evidence #2: Punters also reckon their jaw-dropping performance of Oscar award-winning bop ‘Shallow’ was a little too, erm, let’s just say *moving* for them to not be banging in real life.

It’s called acting people. ACTING.

Evidence #3: When the pair got up to accept their award, Bradley hugged his co-star before his girlfriend.

Wait – he hugged Gaga, a person actually involved in the production of the film and its soundtrack, before his spouse?

The nerve… the AUDACITY.

Twitter is absolutely blowing up with shook responses and some (READ: most) of y’all need a hobby.

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