Hold The Fuck Up: Is That Brad Pitt In The Background Of Jennifer Aniston’s Trailer Selfie?

We will never, I repeat, NEVER stop shipping Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and I’m more than happy to constantly profess my love for them as a couple, despite them probably not actually being together, and I’ll tell you why.

We had a lil discussion in our morning meeting about whether or not it’s appropriate to ship a couple who is no longer together, especially in an instance like this where Brad and Jen had perhaps one of the rockiest splits in celebrity history. But not only was that so so soooo long ago, but I feel like they actually play into the whole never-ending chemistry thing.

First of all there’s this lil interaction at the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards which is happily etched in my brain for all of eternity:

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston

Then there’s that time when he rocked up to her chaotic, star-studded 50th birthday party. According to People, “party guests included Pitt’s ex Gwyneth Paltrow, plus Aniston’s ex John Mayer and his ex Katy Perry, who was joined by boyfriend Orlando Bloom.”

Absolute fucking chaos, but proved that they were obvs all g with each other.

Then there was this adorable charity event where they read a steamy as hell script. Check it out below and prepare for your glasses to fog up from the overwhelming amount of steeeeeeam:

Which brings us to the current spot of tea: celebrity gossip ‘gram @deuxmoi received several tips, reporting that Jennifer Aniston is currently filming the second season of hit telly series The Morning Show on the same lot as where Brad Pitt is filming his latest movie, Bullet Train (which, BTW, also stars Lady Gaga).

“There are rumours of [Brad] hanging with Jen in her trailer,” the anonymous tip reads.

Deuxmoi then shared a piccy that Jennifer Aniston had previously posted to her Instagram Story, where she can be seen playing with her dawg in her trailer and oh what do we have here in the background?


IDGAF about the results of that poll, I reckon that’s Brad, hanging with her and Clyde (the dawg) in her trailer.

That’s very Brad attire, innit?

Well, we can dream anyway…