Just Gonna Say It: The Four Days Between Christmas & New Years Are The Best Time Of The Year

When you’re young and have zero responsibilities, December rolling around is an absolute treat for you and Christmas / New Years is the fucking BEST.

When you get older, however, the silly season is filled with stress, dread and poverty. Literally none of it’s fun. There’s the awkwardness of all the get togethers and seeing the people you’ve been avoiding all year. You need to spend what little money you have on said people. And you’re stressed and exhausted the whole goddamn time.

As a kid, you would literally count down the days ’til Christmas. But as an adult, I’m counting down the days ’til Christmas is over, ‘cos that’s when the good times begin, babeyyy.

And while we’re at it, I’m not too fond of New Years either. It’s so over-hyped and we put way too much energy into making sure the evening is a success, that it ends up being more stressful than enjoyable.

Yep, it’s my contention that the best time of the year is neither Christmas nor New Years, it’s those few days in between the two events. That’s what’s up, my friends.

It’s the calm after the Christmas storm and the calm before the New Years storm where you’ve got sweet fuck all to worry about, but what series you’re going to binge next or what flavour of seltzer you’re gonna pick up from the local bottle shop.

So yeah. Fuck Christmas. Fuck New Years. Bring on that sweet spot in between the two. After this bullshit, chaotic year, those four days of nothing are all I’m looking forward to.