Dakota Johnson Reckons Butt Plugs Make Great Xmas Stocking Stuffers & That Is The Truth, Ellen

Believe it or bloody not, but we’ve almost reached Christmas time and therefore, we should be keeping our eyes peeled for Chrissy gifts for our friends and fam and maybe not leave it to the last minute this year. But if you’re anything like me and end up rolling with the habit of a lifetime by leaving your shopping ’til Christmas Eve, old mate Dakota Johnson has a bold gift suggestion for ya.

Speaking to InStyle Magazine, the Ellen slayer suggested that this year we channel sex positive energy and purchase butt plugs as stocking stuffers, specifically one called Cone by sexual wellness brand Maude.

“Oh, this is going in everybody’s stocking. Are you kidding? It’s the perfect stocking stuffer,” she told InStyle. “You think your uncle hasn’t wanted a butt plug his entire life? You’re lying.”

Johnson joined the Maude team as a co-creative director and an investor last year and immediately became enthralled by anal products.

“I know that there are so many people that are curious about it and, you know, there are so many parts of one’s anus that are erogenous zones that I think could just be fun for people to explore,” she said.

She’s been right about shit in the past! Remember that time she hinted that Ellen was full of it and shortly after we learned that she was, in fact, full of it?

Well, I feel that if she’s right about toxic talkshow hosts, then surely she’s right about ideal Chrissy pressies! That logic makes sense, doesn’t it? It does for me!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some online shopping to do, courtesy of my new personal shopper Dakota Johnson.

Me buying a butt plug for literally everyone I know.