This Wild Blind Item About A Mystery Celebrity’s Ruined Family Xmas Is The Only Gift You Need

Blind Item, Family Christmas

I love a good celebrity blind item, and oh boy, do we have a doozy of one today – and even better, it’s festive-themed, telling the tale of a mysterious, famous man who stormed out of his family Christmas after a stoush with a cousin.

The blind item in question, which went very viral as people tried and work out who the hell it was about, originally appeared on Reddit’s Am I The Asshole? forum, with the poster wondering if he himself was the asshole who ruined Christmas.

“My cousin is very famous. Yes, you have heard of him, and no, I won’t tell you who he is,” the anonymous poster known only as u/xmasshole wrote.

“We’ll call him Terry. When we have family functions (mainly for holidays), Terry likes for them to be only family so he can ‘be himself’ and get drunk and pass out on the couch and share Hollywood gossip with us, otherwise he feels like he is being interviewed and having everyone talk to him or want a picture and he has to ‘be in promo mode’.

“He said it’s because he was tired of having to meet strangers and not be able to let loose and there were some issues of these partners taking pics of him or spreading gossip.”

It’s fair enough as a celebrity to not want strangers and randoms around you on holiday, although imposing these conditions on family seems a little harsh, at least based on the info we have so far.

“I hated this at first because I would be dating some chick and she would want to get to meet him and it’s awkward to tell them they can’t come to family events and they get mad that they never get to meet him (my tinder has a pic of me with Terry),” the post continued.

“But I get it so I was fine with it. Until this year.”

We’ll pump the brakes here just for a second. “My Tinder has a pic of me with Terry” makes it seem like the poster is using his famous relative for clout with the girls he dates, which is kind of a dick move, not to mention the negative way he portrays “Terry”. Anyway, let’s continue.

“I began dating this chick in August,” he said.

“I [couldn’t] bring her to Thanksgiving, fine. But when I walk in, I see another cousin, ‘Danielle’, has brought her boyfriend ‘Steve’ EVEN THOUGH they’ve been together for less than a year!!! They got together over New Years and engaged on Halloween.

“Terry was fine with this because he’s met Steve before (old family friend) even though I’ve been told that no exceptions are allowed to his rule. Thanksgiving sucked because the whole time I was mad that I once again wasn’t allowed to bring my gf.”

The poster said he recently proposed to his girlfriend and after he decided that it was better to “ask for forgiveness, not permission”, he brought his now-fiancee to Christmas to meet the family without telling anyone. Per the blind item, this is where all hell broke loose:

“Everyone was asking who she was and scolding me about the rules, and Terry flipped out,” he wrote.

“He was already buzzed (and looked 20 pounds heavier than he usually presents himself) and started yelling at me for doing this to him. He didn’t seem excited at all about my engagement or willing to introduce himself to her.

“Our grandma was telling Terry to get over it and asking to see the ring and saying she wish she had gotten my fiancée a gift, so grandma was on my side. But Terry was still arguing with me and said I shouldn’t be allowed at any more events, and he ended up calling an Uber Black and leaving before we even ate.”

To cap it all off, the poster’s uncle was upset that Terry stormed out because it means he didn’t get his Secret Santa gift — a true affront on Christmas.

The anonymous Redditor wondered if he was the asshole for not wanting his fiancée to be alone on Christmas, and at first, commenters were sympathetic, despite red flags like the Tinder anecdote and the unnecessary jabs at the cousin’s weight.

Things really took a turn when the author revealed some info that he left out of the original post: he has been engaged twice before, and one of those engagements was the reason his famous cousin tightened the rules around family gatherings.

In his now-deleted comment, the poster said he was engaged once at age 19 (it didn’t work out) and again later, to which he added: “I thought she was the one but it ended when she sent a story about my cousin to TMZ to make a quick buck … hence Terry’s rule.”

Yikes yikes yikes. That definitely changes things, and the fact that the author not only brags about his famous cousin on dating apps, but that one of his exes actually sold said cousin out to TMZ starts to put him pretty firmly in asshole territory.

Of course, given that the mystery man is a celebrity, commenters on the thread were also very concerned with who it might be.

In a deleted comment, the author mentioned a “superhero”, as well as Massachusetts as a possible location. Based on this and other information provided, it is also likely that “Terry” is unmarried and has no children.

Commenters immediately started guessing stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, focusing on one in particular who seems to fit based on available info (we’re not going to say who but you can check the thread yourself for further goss).

Either way, it doesn’t seem like xmasshole’s family will be inviting him to gatherings for a while, and maybe that’s for the best.