Every so often, there’s a post on Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole?’ sub that really captures the pure, unadulterated essence of a true asshole. Today, that post comes courtesy of a literal millionaire trust fund kid, who revealed that he’s been posing as a starving artist and begging for cash on crowdfunding platforms because he’s not comfortable with the concept of being rich. May I be the first to say yikes yikes yikes.

The post in question was made by a throwaway account, always a telltale sign the person behind it already suspects deep down that they will be judged harshly for their questionable life choices. Things started out normally enough, with the anonymous poster revealing:

“I am an artist and performer who lives a very “Bohemian” lifestyle, intentionally. I live in a large old broken-down house with four other artists. We each pay less than half in rent what a usual rent would be for my major US city. I am one of the most popular drag queens in my city. I host a few regular gigs and I hustle and do whatever else I need to get by. My goal has always been to support myself entirely from my art. I grew up far from where I live. I moved here as soon as high school finished. I have been here for years and I am very much integrated into my new city, with many friends and fans and local connections.”

The poster went on to reveal that he recently aged out of his parents’ insurance (which normally happens around age 26 in the US) and could not find an affordable plan. To make up the shortfall, he turned to GoFundMe, where he raised “a couple of thousand dollars from friends, fans and Instagram followers.”  Those are some generous friends, fans and Instagram followers!

The kicker came when a friend suggested that the poster might be eligible for Medicaid or a similar type of financial subsidy. He told the friend several times that he would probably not qualify, and when pressed, finally revealed the reason: he is a literal fucking millionaire. As he explained it:

“I technically have interest income from a trust fund that I don’t touch, but it is enough to disqualify me. He came back at me aggressively, asking if I was saying that I make more than $50,000 US per year in just interest, and I told him technically yes, but that is money that I never asked for and never touch. Somehow that was enough for him to figure out that my trust has over $1 million and he just couldn’t believe it. He accused me of scamming people by asking for $ to help with my insurance costs, but I don’t think I did. I never asked for that money (the trust money). It came from a family and a different part of my life that I successfully left behind. Actually, I’m afraid of touching the money because then I might end up having to pay taxes on it or something, and there’s no way I could afford that.”

The person’s friend then made a Facebook post about the situation, accusing them of spreading a “sob story” and telling those who contributed to ask for their money back. Turning to Reddit to ask if he is indeed an asshole, the poster wrote:

“The acquaintance and some of my other friends are saying that simply by creating a GoFundMe, I was giving the impression that I was broke and had no other options other than to ask for help. Now some people are calling me a trust fund baby and saying that my whole persona is fake, but I feel like my previous life was the fake life, and that the life I have built and lived for over seven years is my real life. I’m afraid this is going to snowball and ruin everything I’ve spent the last seven years building.”

My very firm feeling on this is that yes, if you can afford to pay your own damn way while your peers are out of work and genuinely struggling during a pandemic, you are indeed an asshole if you’re out there asking those same peers to support your lifestyle.

Reddit and Twitter agreed. “I have so much money I’m worried the taxes on it will bankrupt me,” wrote one commenter. “You’re the asshole and frankly a bit dumb.”

“You’re asking people who have considerably less than you to donate for your health insurance while you have $1 million just sitting there? Shockingly you’re the asshole,” said another.

“Oh definitely you’re the asshole,” said one. “People gave you money they earned so you didn’t have to spend money you didn’t earn. I’m willing to bet none of the friends & fans that donated had a million dollar trust fund they’re “terrified” to use for their own damn healthcare. You took advantage of people who didn’t know they were paying for your lack of courage. Pay it back. Then consult an advisor, and do something nice for your community.”

“You’re a scammer who has somehow convinced themselves that they’re actually a victim,” was maybe the most succinct reply.

A poster coming in hot with this level of nonsense and claiming to be one of the most popular drag queens in their city is going to attract a lot of attention, and it’s surely just a matter of time until Reddit detectives figure out who they are. Have some popcorn at the ready, I guess.