Foxtel Is Giving 4 Free Weeks Of BINGE To Everyone Stuck In Melbourne’s Lockdown Postcodes

Succession, a drama about staying inside and arguing with your family. Chernobyl, which remembers a time when standing outside was deadly. The Walking Dead, a series which asks “What happens when a virulent contagion rips society to shreds?”

Thanks to a special offer from BINGE, Foxtel’s new streaming platform, Melbourne’s locked-down residents can now catch these shows for free.

Starting today, folks who live in the ten postcodes the Victorian Government has designated as coronavirus hotspots can sign up for a free month-long BINGE trial.

Folks across those 36 suburbs have been advised lockdown conditions will remain in place until late this month.

BINGE sees this as an opportunity to settle in, with CEO Julian Ogrin saying, “We wanted to help where we could by making the time at
home a little more entertaining.”

The deal runs until 11.59pm on Monday, July 6. If that feels like your kind of deal, feel free to peruse the offer here.