The Melbourne Suburb Of Brunswick West Is Copping A Pizzling Thanks To Lockdown Memes

With the inner-Melbourne suburb of Brunswick West now subject to a full four weeks of lockdown as part of renewed Stage 3 coronavirus restrictions, residents in the neighbouring (and very trendy) Brunswick have reacted in probably the only right and just way possible: Taking the absolute piss out of their suburban neighbours through an avalanche of lockdown memes.

By virtue of its 3055 postcode, Brunswick West is being locked down as State Government officials move to impose new restrictions amid a burst of localised COVID-19 locations across Melbourne.

Brunswick, having a nice time with their A1 spinach and cheese triangles mere metres away in the 3056, has spent the better part of the past 12 or so hours broiling the living piss out of their suburban neighbours.

Thick and fast the Brunswick West gags have come in from neighbouring Brunswickians (author’s note: Brunswicians?? I don’t know, man) defending their native landmarks like Dejour Jeans, Barkly Square, A1 Bakery, the Cornish Arms, and more from any potential western interlopers.

(Additional author’s note: We know Sydney Road isn’t the Brunswick border, just go with it)

And all this says nothing about the mysterious suburb of Brunswick South, which was also among yesterday’s lockdown announcements, apparently marking the first time anyone’s ever heard of the suburb’s existence.

For what it’s worth, “Brunswick South” along with “Moonee Vale” and “Moreland West” are not actual suburbs themselves, rather the names of specific Post Offices that all sit within the boundaries of Brunswick West.

So, y’know, there’s that question answered at the very least.