Melburnians In Lockdown Postcodes Are Bumrushing To Change The Address On Their Licences

In the wake of lockdowns being applied to 10 Melbourne postcodes, residents have found a cheeky loophole to get around the stay at home order: changing the address on their driver’s licence.

Since Wednesday, the number of people applying to change their address has apparently spiked as people in locked-down postcodes try to skirt the restrictions.

The process is surprisingly easy.

All you need to do is apply online with VicRoads. No proof is needed, and the system is updated automatically. VicRoads then mails out a sticker to be stuck onto your current licence.

The department now says it will crack down on anyone caught abusing the system.

“As soon as we were made aware of this issue we immediately put in place measures to ensure any changes of address in priority postcodes were for genuine reasons,” a for VicRoads told The Age.

“We are reviewing all changes to licence holders’ addresses from priority postcodes since the Premier’s restrictions announcement on Tuesday to ensure anyone who changed their address did so because it was necessary.”

The biggest change is that people will now have to provide some kind of proof that they actually live at their supposed new address.

Many people caught up in the locked-down suburbs have already complained that the boundaries have separated streets and neighbours. They feel as if the boundaries are more of a technicality rather than a meaningful border.

Of course, it’s still an offence to lie to the police by using fake documents, with a fine of up to $825.

Maybe it’s better to be stopped now than to be busted later.