Ruby Rose Breaks Into The Batcave To Swipe The Batsuit In 1st ‘Batwoman’ Trailer

The CW has released the first trailer for the upcoming Batwoman series starring Australia’s very own Ruby Rose as the titular hero.

[jwplayer PasZFS4t]

This incarnation of the comic book character follows Batman’s cousin, Kate Kane as she leaves Gotham City during a crime wave.

Her father, Jacob Kane, takes on the role of Gotham’s new protector with his private security firm, Crows Private Security, and sends his daughter away for her own safety.

Kate later returns home to find that her girlfriend, security officer Sophie Moore, has been kidnapped, forcing her to take on the role of Gotham’s new hero, as left by Batman who has vanished.

We then see her raid the Batcave where she finds her cousin’s suit and decides to make a few tweaks to the almighty armour: Namely resizing it to fit her.

Cop the first full-length trailer below: